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Payday Wish List: Jan Picks

It’s been a while since I last blogged and even longer since I last posted a wishlist but with payday only 3 days away, it seems fitting to blog about what I’m gonna fritter my money away on come Friday. I’ve recently become obsessed with Gossip Girl having discovered it on Netflix and missing the hype the first time round and kinda want everything in Serena’s wardrobe, so this pair of double buckle geek shoes from Topshop are just the right side of preppy. Green is my absolutely favourite colour so when I first spotted this skirt on Lily Melrose’s blog I knew I had to have it. I love the jacquard floral print and its perfect for summer and winter. I tried this lovely leopard print dress from River Island on in store about a week ago and it fit really well and I love the colour and print but just couldn’t decide on whether it would date really quickly or not. I still love it and at £25 I think I’m defo gonna …

What to wear in winter: River Island Edit

Since we changed months and moved into November, we also seem to have drastically changed seasons. After what felt like the longest Summer and lovely warm days that only warranted a leather jacket and ballet pumps, we are now headed straight towards Winter. Ballet pumps have been replaced by boots and my leather jacket has gone into storage till Spring. So, the change in the weather means I get to switch up my wardrobe! These are my top picks for the new season from River Island. Roll on pay day! What are you coveting this season?

The ultimate festival look

The next event circled on my calendar is V Festival the weekend after next, and for the first time, I am yet to have my festival outfit sorted. We are only going for the day on the Saturday to Weston Park after being a little to unlucky to get Sunday tickets, so instead of being defeated, we went for the next best thing- the day before! Now, I have the obvious essentials ticked off my list as they just so happen to be left over from Glastonbury- hand sanitiser, tissues, toilet roll etc, but my outfit? Nope. However, because tents aren’t involved and we staying strictly 5* in a lovely guest house near by, its hair straighteners and immaculate  make-up all the way, which also means I can choose a nice outfit cos I’ll be home to a cosy bed and hot shower once Kings of Leon have done their thing! However, that aside these are my top picks for the outfit options on the day- weather depending of course! I have my fingers crossed …

Festival Fashion: Tie-dye made easy

Well, Glastonbury is a mere 2 weeks away and I am currently obsessed with the weather. The Met Office is currently my most visited website and I am praying each evening to God/Allah and Queen B for sunshine. All the magazines feature what to wear lists and which looks you should rock, however with rain potentially on the horizon, I need a fashion fix that can stand the test of time. And mud. And rain. Enter tie-dye. With a nod to the 70’s when you look back on Glastonbury pictures from times gone by, fashion took a back seat and it was all about the music. This is still the case, however looking good is still an essential seeing as all the pics from the weekend will be available for all and sundry to see on Facebook/Twitter, probably even here on my blog. That’s why this year I plan on attempting to channel the tie-dye trend. Its effortless, slightly vintage and easy to throw on. If you are planning on DIY tie-dye, men’s oversize tees …

90’s Luxe- Dungarees

Dungarees- love ’em or loathe ’em they are making a comeback and I want me so trusty denims. With Glastonbury and V Fest happening this year, I really want a pair, even though they are totally unpractical. I mean the effort of having to undress so much in dreaded festival porta-loo’s and long-drops (yes, you read that correctly…..). I honestly think it stems from being obsessed with Clueless and loving Tai and how she rocked her dungarees! So, with shorts dungarees, dresses dunagrees, pinafore dresses and the full-length style available I think when payday rolls on round I will be making a little investment out of these River Island beauties!

Rihanna for River Island: What Women Want?

Well, it has been a while since I last posted. The truth is, I kept meaning to but then life got in the way and I forgot or just didnt have anything blog-worthy to write about. Alas, I am back and determind to rediscover my blogging space and get back into a routine of regularly writing. With it being Mother’s Day, the usual routine of card and chocolate orange-giving has taken place and now its lazy Sunday time, until I take the ma out for a meal this evening. I thought I would focus this post around the new Rihanna for River Island collection and offer my thoughts. First and foremost, I’m a Rihanna fan, a huge fan. Yes, over the past year or so she has made some crazy choices with her image, styling and one boyfriend in particular, but I continue to like her. I believe she does have her head screwed on, but is enjoying having the whole world at her fingertips at the tender age of 24. I mean if Beiber is supposedly cracking …

Wednesday Wish List

I know Wednesday Wish Lists are a really popular feature in the blogging world, but I never really tend to take part. Until I realised I spend the majority of my time on my laptop either catching up on tv shows or shopping. And seeing as I love shopping and clothes and bags, oh so muc, I just kinda thought I’d pull together a couple of pieces that have been chilling out in my basket, whilst I wait for payday to hurry up! Lately, River Island has been my go-to as I know I can rely on the fit when shopping online and the price is reasonable if you just want to shop for the sake of it!                                

Warehouse and River Island- Xmas Press Days

So I wrote a post on the weekend about my lovely work trip to London town last Thursday to attend the Matalan Xmas in July event and whilst I was there I managed to squeeze a trip in to a couple of the other events held around Covent Garden and Oxford Street. I explained in my last post I rarely get the chance to get down to London, in fact it was my first ever time to Oxford Street- I know, I can’t quite  believe it either! I am defo more of a Manchester gal. However, the Warehouse and River Island were both great but very different. Warehouse The Warehouse event was held in Convent Garden and we were greeted by the by the PR team. It was in one room with the clothing on mannequins in outfits built to suit the A/W season. The bags were gorgeous, as always at Warehouse, and I almost certainly fell in love with a stunning black leather jacket. Lots of studs and embellishment planned to carry us throughout …