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Gousto Meal Box Recipe Review

Review // Gousto Spiced Tenderloin Pork & Peanut Sauce

I’m all for trying new recipes and expanding my cooking repoitoire. Sometimes, eating the same 5/6 meals on repeat can get pretty boring. So, when Gousto, the subscription meal service got in touch, I defo wanted to see what it’s all about! As I’m sure you’re aware, I love cooking. Getting in the kitchen after a day at work with a classic 90’s playlist on in the background is my way to unwind and relax after a day at work. But like I’ve already mentioned, finding new food inspo can be a struggle and we often eat variations of the same meals. The box appealed to me as we got to try a couple of new recipes, but didn’t have to buy lots of new ingredients that we wouldn’t use up. With 22 different recipes to choose from each on the site and a choice of vegetarian, quick and easy & low calorie recipes, Gousto can be tailored to your lifestyle. So, if you want to eat fresh but don’t want to spend the evening …

Recipe // Butter Chicken Curry 

It you were to ask what’s my favourite cuisine, I’d have to say Indian every time. The mix of flavours, the succulent chicken and breads to accompany just make it one of my favourite meals. The sharing element and having a taste of your dining partner; it’s all part of the experience. So when it comes to cooking a curry, you need to take into account everyone’s taste levels; just how much spice is too much?! That’s what I’ve honed my butter chicken recipe, making sure it has the right amount of kick and cream for both Darren and I. Curries are one of my favourite dishes to make as they’ve got a ‘just add everything’ mentality! A dollop of this, a dash of that…in my eyes, you can rarely go wrong! Ingredients Chicken fillets – x3 for two people 1 large red onion Half a tin of chickpeas Baby spinach 1 sweet potato – diced Coconut milk Garlic powder Tumeric Masala powder Tomato puree Pinch of chilli powder Method  Dice your chicken, red onion and …

Recipe // Sweet Potato Dauphinoise  

The start of a new year often signals detox and diets for most by around these parts I’m all about moderation.   Whilst I may have indulged a tad over the last month I haven’t gone overboard as I try to make sure every meal I cook is packed with veg, so the naughty treats balance out!  But back to today’s recipe. It’s not that healthy but it’s a yummy addition to a meat and veg dinner – dauphinoise sweet potatoes.   Creamy, peppery baked potatoes- the ideal accompaniment to a lamb chop or a veggie bake. This was much first attempt and whilst it turned out really nicely, I’d make some amends time it, which I’ll share with you.   Ingredients  Sweet potatoes  Double cream Spinach  Milk  1 leek  Grated cheddar cheese  Salt, pepper and nutmeg to season  Coconut oil I followed a Lucy B tcoconut oil recipe I actually saw on Instagram, and it worked a treat!  You can find the full recipe here –

Recipe // Vegetable Satay Noodles

Whilst we’re not out of the woods yet with the festive period continuing till we welcome in the new year, I don’t know about you but I’m so ready for a change at mealtimes. Out goes the meats, generous helpings of gravy and various types of potatoes and I’m ready for vegetables! My fridge is looking rather sparse at the minute, if you don’t include the various types of cheese and pate (I’ve always got room for you camembert!) except for a couple of veggies knocking around in the chiller drawer. So in a bid to make a tasty yet super speedy meal for 2, I’m rustled up this – a veggie satay noodles dish! Ingredients Noodles – I use dried, egg noodles but it’s up to you 1 courgette 1 red pepper & 1 yellow pepper Half a punnet of chestnut mushrooms Peanut butter – smooth and crunchy Garlic & paprika to season Coconut oil to fry the veggies What’s the method? Well, like I said earlier, it’s really easy. Using up the last …

Recipe // Honey Mustard Sunday “Roast”

Im not a traditional Sunday Roast girl but I do enjoy a hearty plate full of meat and veggies to round of my weekend. So I had a root through my recipe books and found this – Honey Mustard Chicken.  Roasted veg, potatoes and fall of the bone chicken in a mustard sauce. Delicious!  Ingredients  Free range chicken  Carrots  Potatoes  Courgette  Red onion x 2  Wholegrain mustard  1 leek I gently fried my chicken, leek, 1 onion and courgette in my griddle pan using frylite.  Whilst I loaded the Carrots, potatoes and second onion in a roasting tin with coconut oil and popped in the oven for 4o minutes.   Back to my pan. I added a chicken stock pot to the pan to flavour and a hearty dollop of Wholegrain mustard.  Whilst the veg roasted away in the oven I allowed the stock to simmer down and the mustard to infuse the meat and veg.  Once the timer pinged I plated up and we demolished the lot! The perfect twist on a Sunday roast! 

Recipe // Goats Cheese & Red Pepper Pasta

I’m gonna put it out there before I even start this post…I’m totally aware that the only recipes I seem to be posting lately are pasta-based. I think I’ve got a problem. But pasta is amazing. It’s speedy to cook, involves cheese (which is always a winner in my book) and provides lots of variation. Penne, spaghetti, cannelloni, the list goes on. But this time I’m talkin’ about something a bit sexier – and it involves goats cheese! Goats cheese is the holy grail and anything that combines it with roasted pepper is a winner in my book – which incidentally was the combo I had in mind when creating this dish! Now I was supposed to make it with risotto rice, however I forgot to check if I had any left, which of course I didn’t, so I substituted penne instead! Ingredients 1 jar of roasted peppers 1 slab of goats cheese (yes, I do mean a slab…I like cheese!) Pasta or risotto rice – it’s completely up to you 1 leek 2 courgettes …

Food // Homemade Beetroot Houmous

Since I changed jobs last month I’ve had to take my breakfast and lunch to work each day, and sometimes I get bored of my options. I love beetroot houmous but we’re nowhere near a large supermarket, so I decided to attempt to make my own! I purchased all the ingredients in Aldi, so in total a weeks portion cost less than £3.50 to make! So what do you need? 2 tins of chickpeas Garlic cloves Olive oil 2 beetroot Lemon juice to flavour I chucked all my ingredients in a food processor, added a healthy glug of olive oil and blend till smooth. Serve with pitta bread – delicious!

Food // Sausage & Spinach Pasta Bake

Everyone loves a pasta bake – stodgy, carb-heavy yet so, so yummy. This week is one of those ‘using up the contents of the cupboards’ weeks so what could I rustle up with 1 leek, 1 courgette, 1 jar of tomato & bacon pasta sauce and a pack of sausages? Obvs I went with a pasta bake. And I tell you what, I’m so glad I did! It was really delicious and just the sorta meal I was craving after a day in work and a long-dog walk when I got home. Yeah, pasta bakes can take a little bit longer than usual pasta dishes to prep, but it was so worth the wait. And anything topped with cheese is a winner in my book!    So what do ya need? Half a bag of penne pasta – I made enough for 2 people to eat over 2 week-days. Yep, easy dinners is my jam 6 pack of sausages – quorn or meat, whatever your preference, both work a-ok 300g baby spinach 1 red onion …

Food // Butternut Squash, Spinach & Feta Lasagne

I’m trying to incorporate more veggie-based recipes into our diet and this weekend I gave this lasagne recipe a go – but added my own twist onto it! I love lasagne but never really attempted to make my own till recently. Spinach is now a staple in my fridge and I wanted to try cooking with butternut squash so this lasagne recipe, adapted from Essbeevee, was perfect! I made a couple of adaptions and in hindsight I think it’s needs a bit more flavour so next time I’m gong to add chorizo too. Ingredients  1 punnet of chestnut mushrooms 1 bag of baby spinach 1 red onion 1 butternut squash 2 courgettes 1 yellow pepper 1 leek 6 lasagne pasta sheets Tin of mushroom soup Feta Cheddar cheese It’s really easy to make too! Chop up your veggies and gently fry in a large frying pan. I added garlic powder, black pepper and dried mixed herbs to season. I popped my squash in the microwave for 5 mins to soften so it was easier to …

Food // Chicken & Chorizo Tray Bake

I think I’ve touched on this before but I’m not really a traditional roast dinner kinda gal. I’m not huge on going to a carvery and I don’t enjoy loads of plain veg smothered in gravy. There I said it. I prefer a mix of roasted Mediterranean veggies with a chicken breast, maybe some stuffing on the side and roasted parsnips. So this weekend I made just that! It was my second attempt at a kind of roast dinner and it’s another one that went down well in my household! I stole the recipe from Plates and Places and it was all kinds of amazing. Chicken and chorizo in an olive oil dressing – oh wow.           It’s really easy which is just what you want on a Sunday evening. Chop your veggies; chuck in a roasting tin with the chicken breasts, chorizo and a healthy dollop of olive oil. Cook in the oven for 30 minutes, or till the chicken is cooked throughout and then serve. If you’re looking for an easy weekend …

Food // Chilli & Sweet Potato Chips

Chilli is one of my go-to meals. I just love cooking a big batch up filled with loads of veggies and mince meat.  It’s one of those one pot dishes that’s so simple to do and requires little effort – bar the chopping of veggies and the washing up afterwards!  It’s great to make at the weekend for friends with a mound of cheesy nachos and homemade guacamole….mmmm avocado.  But it’s great mid-week too, which is how I rustled it up on Thursday with a batch of chilli and garlic topped sweet potato chips on the side.     Chilli Recipe 2 red onions Mushrooms 1 courgette 1 red pepper 250g mince meat (serves 2) Chilli powder!  Garlic and chilli granules to season  Chop your sweet potatoes up, season and whack into the oven for 30 mins till soft and crispy.  Plate up and enjoy!   

Food // Peppers, Celery and Bacon Pasta 

I try and cook fresh homemade meals as many nights of the week as I can. But sometimes, as the fridge starts to empty out, you need to get inventive with your lack of ingredients. And that’s how this dish came to life!  I discovered one red pepper, a stick of celery, 4 rashers of bacon and half a tub of double pouring cream….I know, right? The best kind of cream.    I chucked all of the above into a pan with some rapeseed oil and gently fried away.  In a second pan I boiled wholemeal pasta and once it was cooked, stirred through some sundried tomato pesto.  Serve with bread and a mixed leaf salad, it was delicious. The perfect, using up the contents of the fridge, meal! Dead quick on a Monday night after work too!       

Food // My Penne Bolognese Recipe

Since we moved into our new home, I’ve loved having my very own kitchen and space to cook. I blogged last week about being quite poorly over the New Year but now I’m out of hospital and back home, I’m upping our veggie intake and getting into the swing of making meals from scratch again! So earlier this week I rustled up an oldie but a goodie, a spag bol. Well, without the spaghetti so I substituted penne instead.       What do you need? Lean mince meat or quorn if you’re taking part in veganuary Fresh veggies – go wild! I decided to throw in courgette, peppers, mushrooms and 2 red onions 1 tin of chopped tomatoes Mixed herbs to season Pasta! Spirals, penne or spaghetti – use whichever you fancy! Method to the cooking madness Chop up your veggies Brown your meat using oil to cook. I’m loving Aldi’s rapeseed oil at the minute as it smells amazing and it’s healthy too Pop your pasta in a pan with a pinch of salt. …

Food // British Military Fitness Recipe Book

So, something exciting has happened over the last few months and my blog has appeared in a recipe book! The British Military Fitness have created a recipe book of healthy recipes compiled by food bloggers and Ruth Writes has made its debut!  I love cooking healthy evening meals so I decided to put together a yummy chilli recipe for dinner. I wanted it to include all of my favourite ingredients whilst still being really easy to rustle up after work. Mixed Bean Chilli with Baked Sweet Potato So, what do you need? 400g of extra lean beef, turkey or quorn 1 red pepper 2 garlic cloves 1 pack of passata 1 can mixed beans Chilli powder 2 Sweet Potatoes Frying oil – I chose to use avocado oil but coconut or rapeseed as just as good Get Cooking Chop your veggies and gently fry in the oil Add your meat to the frying pan Once the veggies and meat/quorn are browning add the passata Simmer whilst adding the mixed beans to the pan and the …

Food // Spicy Chicken Salad

Every now and I go on a health kick, forgoing avo and toast for a chicken salad instead. So why not enjoy a yummy chicken salad for lunch on this grey Sunday afternoon? Marinade chicken in a sachet of Nandos sauce and pop in the fridge for an hour. Fry with sweet peppers and tomatoes and then later on a plate with lettuce, baby toms, avocado and chorizo. Maybe a bit of feta to contrast the flavours. And serve. Easy peasy salad in just 20 minutes!