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Food // Spinach and Eggs on Brioche Toast

This weekend I get a 3 day weekend so that means an extra day to enjoy brunch at home.  On Saturday the sun was shining and I decided to rustle up a slightly different twist on my favourite – eggs on toast.          We picked up a brioche loaf as a treat during our food shop so I decided to toast a couple of slices and pile high with scrambled eggs and spinach.  I’m trying to eat a little healthier so this is the perfect balance of naughty and nice. I topped mine with feta cheese that add a little extra flavour too.  It’s so easy to make and I think I’ve found my new favourite weekend brunch recipe!

Beauty // Morning Skincare Routine

Sometimes it’s nice to strip it back and write a post about things that you like. I aint gonna lie, yep I thought about Instagram when I took this picture. Cos over there it’s all about the flat lay, right? But, basically I just wanted to take a couple of quick pictures of a few products I’m loving. And then I thought why not add this cute print and frame from one of the My Little Box’s and a cute Primark make-up bag to the shot too? But I’m really only here to talk about the three skincare products. First up is this sweet Nivea lip balm. I got it in a set for Christmas but I started using it a few weeks ago applying it when I’m doing my going-out make up. I put a thin layer on while I do the rest of my face and let it sink in before I apply my lipstick. But I also discovered my boyfriend stole it when he had dry lips last week and now apparently …

Life // My Social Media Detox

I’m obsessed with my phone. There, I said it. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, BlogLovin – you name it, I’m refreshing it. I commute around 3 hours a day to and from work and I either stare out of the window or refresh my phone during my journey. In the evening, once I’ve caught up with my boyfriend and cooked dinner, I have one eye on the TV and the other seeing if I’m missing anything on any of the many apps on my phone.      I used to spend my evenings reading magazines. Like, religiously. Every Tuesday on magazine day I’d take a trip to the shop on my way home from work and buy that weeks’ edition of Heat, Closer, New and Now. Despite them all pretty much saying the same thing, I read them regardless and I loved it. But, for whatever reason, I stopped buying weeklies, choosing to save reading time for the monthly mags, Glamour and Cosmo and reading blogs took precedence. I actually love reading blogs and it’s one of my …

Food // Beef Lasagne 

So I have a little confession to make…prior to this weekend I had never made a lasagne before. I know, for a girl who loves cooking I had strayed away. I love my mums lasagne and my boyfriends aunties lasagne that I didn’t think I could do it justice.  But on Sunday I fancied giving it a go. So I stocked up on the ingredients, googled a few different recipes and set about making my first ever lasagne…         So what did I use? Beef mince – we try to use less than 10% fat Red onion Red pepper Mushrooms Courgette Spinach  Carrots  Lasagne sheets Passata  Creamy lasagne sauce Red wine Salt / pepper / garlic / mixed herbs to season I cooked up the veggies and meat in a large frying pan. Then I layered the sauce with the pasta sheets and the white sauce. Top with your favourite kinda cheese and bake in the oven for 30 mins!     

Food // Federal Cafe, NQ Manchester

Federal cafe is the latest firm blogger fave if you wanna get your avo and eggs fix. So naturally, I thought I better get on the hype and see what the fuss is about! As soon as I arrived, I got it. Cute, kitsch interior with a rustic feel thanks to wooden tables and an open kitchen.         Once I found my spot I set about taking my pick from the menu. There was lots of choice but as I was there at half 9 in the morning I went for my old faithful – poached eggs on sourdough with avocado on the side. Just what I fancied with a pot of lemon and ginger tea to boot!  The NQ is a little out of my way these days but the next time I fancy a spot of brunch in Manchester I know where I’m headed! 

Food // Giving up for Lent

I never really do anything for Lent. I always tell myself I’ll attempt to give something up but after a couple of days I give in and carry on as before. But after indulging a little too much lately, I thought it would be the much needed kick up the butt I need to give up unnecessary snacking until Easter. So, with this in mind I’ve decided to stop eating the oh so good but naughty stuff – aka chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks. They’ve become an every other day occurrence so I’m gonna see if I can actually stick to it and stop for 40 days, 40 nights till Easter.    I’m also using my new so Instagrammable diary from My Little Box as a food diary to keep track of my meals. Home cooking each night is back on the agenda and I’m finding I really look forward to each meal more. I stocked up on healthy snacks during my Aldi shop so my work desk is now full of mini packs of …

Life // Why blog in 2016?

Blogging has shifted from being a place to house an online diary to becoming a massive industry that’s presenting ordinary people as cover girls and those to aspire to become. I started this very blog back in the summer of 2010 to build a portfolio of work, articles rather to showcase in future job interviews. To prove that I hadn’t let my journalism degrees go to waste. It did become rather useful and helped me land my first copywriting role in 2012 – the same career path I’m on now 4 years later.  In my current job I’ve learnt to  code and my writing skills have strengthened over time – both massively helpful when I’m re-designing and updating my blog so it remains ‘current’. It’s quite funny actually as my boyfriend is a trainee computer science teacher and coding is one of his modules. When he tries to get the kids at his secondary school to understand how they could use these skills in the future, the girls get it when he says they can …

Travel // A whistlestop tour of York

Last weekend, the boy and I hopped a train from Liverpool Lime Steet to York to spend 2 nights in the quite frankly beautiful city. We arrived late on Friday so complete with m&s gin and tonics we made our way to York Central Travelodge. A quick outfit change later we walked into the centre to find a nice bar for a few cocktails. Saturday morning we were woke by streaming sunshine through the curtains and blue skies. The York Central travelodge was the perfect base. Waking distance from the river and the city centre, it was everything we needed. And a comfy bed and beautiful view from the room will make anybody smile! After a quick pit stop at Bills for brunch, we started our day. We wanted to make the most of our trip so we pre-booked tickets to the York dungeon. It was so much fun and a great way to spend an hour. I would really reccomend a visit. We spent the afternoon getting lost down the winding streets, ohh and …

My day at the Manchester Ideal Home Show

On Friday I was lucky enough to score myself a ticket to the Ideal Home Show. As I grow older my tastes are changing and I’m finding myself swaying away from checking out Topshops latest collection (although I did check out the Jenner sisters rather last week) and find myself in Primark home instead. I’m hoping to fly the nest soon and it was great to see the latest homeware trends.             There was even a food section which really tickled my fancy. And it was here where I finally made a wise investment in my first ever spiralizer! During the day we made a pit stop for lunch at Greg Wallace’s restaurant. The food was devine, so full of flavour and thoroughly delicious.     And to the end the day on a high we attended Aldo Zilli’s cooking demo and even got to meet him!      It was a great day out and I definitely hope to go again next year!

The route to happiness

Ok, yes the title of this post makes it sound like I know it all. But bare with me. Currently I’m sat in my garden, enjoying a lovely burst of sunshine. Sunnies are on and James Bay is singing away to me on Spotfy. This is just one of those moments that I’m thankful for. Using my holidays from work to simply take some me-time.     On Monday night, my boyriend and I went to watch Ben Howard at the Echo Arena. He was amazing. Simply put. His voice was outstanding and the band were so tight, delivering each note, sound, tone effortlessly. These are the moments that make me truly happy. I’ve always loved going to gigs and having decided to retire myself from the festival season, well apart from a maybe day trip to ParkLife as Ben is playing, I’m enjoying artists own tours rather than packing loads of artists into a day. Live music, an overpriced pint of now warm, cider in my hand and friends, loved ones by my side, is truly great. …

Healthier lifestyle

It’s been a while since I blogged about my plight to live a healthier lifestyle, so I thought Bank Holiday Monday is a good a time as any for an update. To be honest, I fell off the wagon. In spectacular fashion. So two weeks ago I began to reign it back in. Following SW without the added extras and I can report from this very morning, those seven pesky pounds are nearly gone. That said I loved the Easter roast yesterday, the dinner and drinks with my nearest and dearest on Saturday night and the two Easter eggs sat looking at me on my dressing table will be demolished very  soon, but I’m back on the ‘all in consideration’ way of thinking. This morning I took myself out for my first ever run outside, instead of on the treadmill. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad. I might have actually enjoyed it! So the plan is to eat less and move more. They say it’s that simple, so let’s put it in practise!

Great expectations 

Content. Happy. Those are the two words that best describe me right now. A boyfriend who makes me laugh, a job with great colleagues that I love and the best bunch of friends that I could wish for.  But sometimes we are left asking is that enough? For me it is. This has been questioned lately and I find myself on repeat, I’m happy. We all want to find happiness. Whether it’s opening your favourite bottle of wine, freshly cut flowers or time spent with loved ones, at the root of it all we can all benchmark our happiness.  Expectations, however are a funny thing. I’ve never been one to plan. I didn’t expect to change jobs 4 times in the last 12 months, I didnt plan on meeting someone who just puts a smile on my face and I didn’t anticipate saving to buy my own house in the next 18 months. Life is strange. There are those of us who want to tick off certain goals, which on one hand i do. I …

Tasty Tortilla Pizza

Since the start of the year I’ve been following Slimming World. The first month I lost steadily, whilst the last few weeks have lead to a steady sustain, which is deserved after Valentines weekend and my Grandad’s 90th on Sunday. However I’ve found the perfect balance is just to incorporate it into your usual lifestyle, rather than treating it as a diet. Now I’m over two months in, I have figured out what works for me, how I can still allow myself treats, such as Friday wine and meals out, without overly rocking the scales. However, it’s nice to try new recipes and find yummy alternatives for my favourite foods. And, this week I gave tortilla pizza a go. Complete with my favourite toppings, it was delicious, yummy and didn’t fare too badly on the syn front either! Ingredients Tortilla Tomato puree or passata Low fat grated cheese Feta and smoked cheddar Green and yellow peppers Cherry tomatoes Simply load up, pop in the oven and you have a guilt-free dinner made in minutes!

Brunch: Poached Eggs and Avocado

Brunch pictures dictate Instagram on a weekend with delicious egg dishes, sweet and savoury waffles and cooked breakfasts taking centre stage. So, this weekend the sun has been shining and whilst many bloggers have been walking the cobbles at Somerset House, I’ve been working my way around the kitchen. I decided to try my hand at poached eggs with smashed avocado on granary toast. Having recently invested in a super sazzy egg poacher, I thought this would be the perfect starting point before I get adventurous and give Eggs Benedict a go. All you need is: 2  British Lion Eggs 1 whole avocado Bread for your toast – I opted for granary, but white or crumpets would be a great alternative I poached my two eggs, adding a little bit of butter to each case first so they didn’t stock. Whilst the eggs cooked, I smashed my avocado and topped on toast. I would defo reccomend this as a great weekend brunch as it was delicious and tasty, whilst being a super healthy choice to …

Rock on Ruby Clothes Swap Blogger Event

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Rock on Ruby blogger event in Manchester. It was a fabulous afternoon, held at Font Bar near Oxford Rd station. It’s always lovely to attend events and meet a whole host of bloggers from across North-West. The theme of the meet up was a clothing, accessories and beauty swap. It was the perfect opportunity to have a little Spring clean and rid a couple of items from my wardrobe that I’d bought but still had the tags on, oops! There was a great turn-out and I managed to pick up a gorgeous long, gold necklace and a gold eyeshadow. I steered clear from the rails of clothes as I have too many as it is! As I was in Manchester I thought I’d head over to Primark and pick up another one of their coconut and vanilla candles which I blogged about here – I’m a bit obsessed at the minute! After a quick pit-stop for some lunch at Dough in the NQ and a visit to …