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Food // Peppers, Celery and Bacon Pasta 

I try and cook fresh homemade meals as many nights of the week as I can. But sometimes, as the fridge starts to empty out, you need to get inventive with your lack of ingredients. And that’s how this dish came to life!  I discovered one red pepper, a stick of celery, 4 rashers of bacon and half a tub of double pouring cream….I know, right? The best kind of cream.    I chucked all of the above into a pan with some rapeseed oil and gently fried away.  In a second pan I boiled wholemeal pasta and once it was cooked, stirred through some sundried tomato pesto.  Serve with bread and a mixed leaf salad, it was delicious. The perfect, using up the contents of the fridge, meal! Dead quick on a Monday night after work too!       

Food // Chorizo and Tomato Risotto

Risotto is one of those recipes that I always chose when eating out and wonder why I don’t make it at home….and then when I gave it a go, I remembered. The constant stirring and adding stock means it’s quite time-consuming but thanks to the combo of flavours and the filling rice, it’s great for filling you up. And I had enough for an extra portion for lunch – bonus. So what do you need? Arborio rice – I picked up a small bag from Aldi. You don’t need to use loads either as it expands as it cooks Chopped or sliced chorizo Tin of chopped tomato 1 small red or white onion diced 1 clove of garlic diced Olive oil Chicken stock – 1 litre Balsamic vinegar Salt and pepper to season Recipe time Fry off the onion and garlic and add your chorizo to the pan Once oil has reduced add your risotto rice Add the chopped tomato and any extra seasoning to the pan Gently ladle in the stock, a spoonful at …

Kick-starting my day

I don’t know if this is a really boring topic to blog about or not but lately I’m loving flavoured tea. I’ve never been a fan of hot drinks, generally swerving any offerings of tea of coffee for a boring glass of water. Preferably’s best, honest. But since I vowed to eat a little healthier and cut out the crap I consume on the daily and I decided to add a cup of melon and ginger tea to my morning routine. I’ve been enjoying a mug of Twinnings at the weekends and I have a box of Aldi’s own on my desk at work.    To be honest, they taste the same and I just love the refreshing lemon with the kick of ginger. Just what I need to wake me up in the mornings and clear my sinuses since the dreaded British cold well and truly caught up with me this week. I keep reading reviews about Clipper tea too, so I think I’m gonna throw one into the trolley during my next …

Soup time: Carrot, Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash

I’ve spoken about my love for soup over here time and time again. Yummy, filling and super healthy, every Sunday I chuck a bunch of veggies together in a large pan with a stock cube and voila – my weekly lunches are done! This week I’m enjoying carrot, sweet potato and butternut squash. It’s quite a sweet mix so I’ve heavily seasoned with pepper and it’s good to go. What kind of soup are you enjoying at the minute? I’m always looking for new ideas!

Recipe // Easy Peasy Guacamole

Continuing my newly found enjoyment for cooking, earlier this week I decided to make fajitas for inner as it’s fast, easy and just so yummy. I picked up some Quorn spiced fajita strips in Tesco from the whoops aisle and thought I would rustle up a simple tea after a day at work. I lightly fried them in my amazing new coconut oil from The Groovy Food Company -another Tesco find, with onions and peppers. And, this was when I discovered a lonely avocado in the fridge so I decided to whip up a bowl of guacamole to accompany! It’s the easiest recipe to make – I simply diced the avocado, chopped a tomato and mushed both together in a bowl with a fork. Add a touch of salt and pepper and a dab of lemon juice, if you have any to hand and there you have it! I added it to the top of my fajitas with a smidge of grated cheese and I had a yummy dinner in under 30 mins!

Eating well: Recipes for every mealtime

Following on from my post on Sunday, I thought I would delve a little deeper in my latest cooking ventures and the meals I’ve been rustling up. Breakfasts  My breakfast go-to is either porridge with blueberries, cranberries, a touch of honey and shredded coconut or a banana, apple and a mug of fruit tea. I never used to drink tea, but I’ve started with a mug of forest berries tea in the morning and teamed with fruit, it keeps me satisfied till lunch. Lunches Salads or a cream cheese bagel are my meals of choice lately. They’re really easy to prep and still manage to fill me up till I eat my evening meal around 7 pm. Ham, chicken and tuna salads are on the menu and I decided to make my own potato salad to accompany. I normally buy a tub of reduced fat potato salad or coleslaw to add to my salads but I had a batch of new potatoes to decided to make it myself. I boiled 6 new potatoes and chopped …

Refining my mealtimes

The past few months have seen many changes occur to my work life and with these changes came a kind of laziness. My love for food and cooking fell by the wayside as I opted to buy my lunches as opposed to take them to work. And, evening meals centered around  a quick and easy jacket spud. But no more. Last week I decided it was high time I got back into the kitchen and made sure I was getting my 5-a-day. There is such an emphasis on ‘eating clean’ these days. All over Instagram and Twitter we are confronted with people on fitness plans eating the same meal on repeat, night after night and loaded with veg and meat, yet little enjoyment in what they’re eating. So, with this came the mind frame of putting goodness back into my body, without restrictions or guilt over a weekend take-away or a good few drinks to unwind. They say it’ all about moderation after all…. Sweet potatoes, broccoli, cabbage and green beans to name but a …

Family Recipes Made Easy

This past week has been such a write-off for me. A dreadful cold has taken over my life these past 4 days and resulted in a sick day on Friday and a weekend in recovery. Saturday was spent with my bestie and her baby which was perfect and a couple of glasses of white and a 3 course Indian thrown in to boot and today is my Mum’s birthday. She’s been to the Lowry in Salford to watch ‘Cats- The Musical’ with my Auntie and I’ve spent another lazy day indoors. There’s been so much chatter about Snow hitting us this weekend, I was actually shocked when the white stuff starting falling this afternoon, for once the trusty weatherman has got it right! So back to today so mark my Mum’s birthday I decided to cook tea and what better on a freezing cold day than a hearty Chicken Casserole? It is so easy to make and such a great winter warmer to fill up on. I’ve posted my recipe below if you fancy a go! Chicken Casserole- …