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How-To // Dress Your Table for a BBQ

Summer seems to have surprised us once again with glorious weather and the Bank Holiday weekend was the perfect time to throw a BBQ! I love taking care when it comes to my home decorations and getting spendy in pound shops on cute tableware is currently my jam. Dining al fresco in the sunshine is so lovely but sometimes I find my outdoor tables (aka decorating tables) aren’t large enough to fit a feast on – and in that case, it’s time to take the party indoors and set up camp on the dining room table.    I decided on a blue table theme with a matching tablecloth, napkins and cute tealights to add some interest to my table. I’m really into wooden table wear too; ever since I snapped up my new salad bowl in Dunelm Mill a couple of weeks ago. When it comes to BBQ’s, I tend to go overboard by having a selection of crisps and dips, pasta salad, a huge salad bowl with a choice of dressings and the classic …

Life // My Social Media Detox

I’m obsessed with my phone. There, I said it. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, BlogLovin – you name it, I’m refreshing it. I commute around 3 hours a day to and from work and I either stare out of the window or refresh my phone during my journey. In the evening, once I’ve caught up with my boyfriend and cooked dinner, I have one eye on the TV and the other seeing if I’m missing anything on any of the many apps on my phone.      I used to spend my evenings reading magazines. Like, religiously. Every Tuesday on magazine day I’d take a trip to the shop on my way home from work and buy that weeks’ edition of Heat, Closer, New and Now. Despite them all pretty much saying the same thing, I read them regardless and I loved it. But, for whatever reason, I stopped buying weeklies, choosing to save reading time for the monthly mags, Glamour and Cosmo and reading blogs took precedence. I actually love reading blogs and it’s one of my …

Home // Meet Molly the Frenchie

Earlier this week our household grew by a member when my boyfriend returned home with a dog!    We’ve spoken loads about getting a dog when we moved in together but I didn’t expect it to be so soon! But last Tuesday I got home from work to find a little girl French Bulldog chilling on my rug in the front room. She’s playful, chilled and so loving and Molly felt like the perfect name! The last few days have been a whirlwind of adjusting to having a playful puppy, introducing nap times and running in the garden. But she’s truly settled in her new home and got us wrapped around her little paw so expect to see more of Molly the Frenchie!

Life // Reading Inspo 

At home you’ll more than likely find me curled up on the couch, either in my reading corner sat in the sun on the weekend (yes, that’s a thing!) or in bed with a magazine.     I’ve always been a magazine addict and as I’ve grown older this habit hasn’t changed. It’s even one of the reasons why I have a magazine journalism degree!  I love the glossy monthly mags so I can read about fashion and beauty as much as I adore food magazines. These are where I get most of my recipe ideas from. I even have a recipe folder where I rip out and store ones I want to try!  It’s just my way of relaxing and if I’m not reading a mag I’m probably checking my BlogLovin for new blog posts to read!  We’re still yet to buy a bookshelf for the house but I can’t wait till my recipe and fashions books can come out on display too! 

Life // Weekend Treats

New lipstick, Glamour magazine, updating my diary sat in the sun on a lovely Saturday morning drinking fruit tea.    This was me yesterday morning. It was a beautiful day with a basic to-do list: sweep, do the ironing, relax. Those are my favourite kinda weekends. Yes it’s great to be busy and have a chocka-block diary filled with dates with friends and family. But I love the days when I’ve nowhere to go so I can just chill.  So yesterday I played with my new make up from NYX. I got the stacked lush lashes mascara and a lipstick in the shade Gardenia.  I’ve wanted to try this brand for a while so I popped into Boots in Manchester earlier this week and picked these up. I might do a full review soon.  See, a lazy Saturday at its finest! 

Life // The Sunday Edit

   This week I finally reclaimed my social life after weeks of spending time at home.  Friday night I chucked together the leftover veggies I had in my fridge with some chicken and ended up making the most delicious enchalladas. Winner! Yesterday was date night and what a day it was! We started with a gin tasting experience I got the boy for his Xmas present. We tried 4 different gins each and they came with a choice of tonics and fruit delicious.  After cocktails at Alma de Cuba we made our reservation at Picallinos. 3 courses each and a generous helping of wine later, we were utterly stuffed. The mushroom bruchetta was so full of flavour and moreish. And his lobster looked and tasted amazing. One to remember for next time!  After such a lovely weekend I’m ready for a lazy Sunday and a new week to begin! 

Interiors // Creating Our Perfect Kitchen

I first blogged about moving home back in December shortly after we’d moved in and when blogging took a backseat. But, now we’re nearing the end of January (the worst month for many) and the boxes are unpacked, I thought I’d blog more about our lovely 3 bed detached. As we’ve moved into a rental, we don’t have much leeway to decorate so home accessories are my new best friend. We really wanted a nice, spacious kitchen and we struck-lucky with this one. Built in the same style as a galley kitchen, it’s very long yet airy thanks to the window above the sink.      I love our windowsill as the blue tiles look lovely against the wooden windowpane and I’ve placed a couple of plants on here, as they add personality and light. Plus, I love it in here at the weekend when I’m pottering about and the sun shines in. Simple things ey? So, because we can’t go changing the kitchen cupboards or painting doors to add a pop of colour. Something I …

Home // Candles of the Month

As we progress through the first month of 2016, I’ve put all the Christmassy scented candles away and started to reintroduce fruity scents into our home. This strawberry Yankee Candle was a housewarming gift from my best friend when we moved into our house last month. We’ve had it burning away most evenings as the bright red colour matches the grey / cream decor and it smells amazing! It’s defo my favourite candle of the month! Check out my past favourite candles here.

Life // Our New Beginnings! 

Apologies for my absence around these parts but I have a good reason – my boyfriend and I moved into our first home together! It’s slowly coming together with new home cards and a twinkling Christmas tree shaping up our new living room. I’m excited to expand into home interiors and get cooking in our very own kitchen, a bloggers haven! So, whilst we find our feet, Preloved got in touch to put me to the test in repurposing a very lovely Look Fantastic beauty box. Preloved is my one-stop shop whilst I’m looking for new furniture and decorative bits without spending the earth! We’ve got lots of little trinkets to find a new home for and I’m a big fan of candles so it’s the perfect way to house my collection whilst we decide on the colour decor in each room!    * I wasn’t paid for this post and the opinions are my own.

Food // Baking the perfect Victoria sponge 

It’s been a while since I’ve baked and with Christmas fast approaching, I thought it was time to don my apron and bake a cake for the family to enjoy! Thanks to a very welcomed package from the lovely people over at Delicious Alchemy, a gluten-free food brand, I rustled up an old favourite in just 30 minutes! Victoria sponge is a popular afternoon treat in my household and it went down a storm! So much so, I’m planning on baking again next weekend!      * I was gifted the baking set from the brand. Opinions are truly my own.

Home // Interiors Inspiration 

My boyfriend and I are currently looking for our first home together and whilst we keep scouring Right Move and booking viewings, I’ve been visiting garden centres and department stores to get some serious home inspo! Crisp white interiors with a mix of vintage and modern accessories are our thing and with an entire home to decorate it’s getting exciting!   

Review // Candles of the Month 

I’ve blogged in the past about my love for Primark candles. Every time I pop in I check out their homeware range. They have a great range of scents and they cost less than a fiver too so you can’t not pick a couple up everytimd you’re in a Primark store!   Now the weathers turning I’m loving vanilla, cinnamon and berry scents. Perfect for the winter months!

My Dream Writer’s Space

When it comes to blog content, my inspiration for posts can never be pinned down to one ‘thing’. Articles I read in magazines, the newspaper, the Metro on the bus, news articles I catch on the 6 0’clock news. Conversations with friends, rediculous Facebook status updates, tweets that make me think. Having WordPress on my Blackberry is fantastic as it enables me to jot ideas down in drafts that I can always come back to later, but when it comes actually sitting down to write posts, I wish I had a desk, a study, a room to write if you will. I’ve wanted to write for as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl I asked for a typewriter for Christmas, and the day I opened it I was super excited. I re-wrote the old classics I grew up with, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and The Wizard of Oz. I dreamt of being an author and as I grew older that passion never faded. Studying Journalism at Uni taught me alot and working …