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Life // Why blog in 2016?

Blogging has shifted from being a place to house an online diary to becoming a massive industry that’s presenting ordinary people as cover girls and those to aspire to become. I started this very blog back in the summer of 2010 to build a portfolio of work, articles rather to showcase in future job interviews. To prove that I hadn’t let my journalism degrees go to waste. It did become rather useful and helped me land my first copywriting role in 2012 – the same career path I’m on now 4 years later.  In my current job I’ve learnt to  code and my writing skills have strengthened over time – both massively helpful when I’m re-designing and updating my blog so it remains ‘current’. It’s quite funny actually as my boyfriend is a trainee computer science teacher and coding is one of his modules. When he tries to get the kids at his secondary school to understand how they could use these skills in the future, the girls get it when he says they can …

Food // My Penne Bolognese Recipe

Since we moved into our new home, I’ve loved having my very own kitchen and space to cook. I blogged last week about being quite poorly over the New Year but now I’m out of hospital and back home, I’m upping our veggie intake and getting into the swing of making meals from scratch again! So earlier this week I rustled up an oldie but a goodie, a spag bol. Well, without the spaghetti so I substituted penne instead.       What do you need? Lean mince meat or quorn if you’re taking part in veganuary Fresh veggies – go wild! I decided to throw in courgette, peppers, mushrooms and 2 red onions 1 tin of chopped tomatoes Mixed herbs to season Pasta! Spirals, penne or spaghetti – use whichever you fancy! Method to the cooking madness Chop up your veggies Brown your meat using oil to cook. I’m loving Aldi’s rapeseed oil at the minute as it smells amazing and it’s healthy too Pop your pasta in a pan with a pinch of salt. …

Food // British Military Fitness Recipe Book

So, something exciting has happened over the last few months and my blog has appeared in a recipe book! The British Military Fitness have created a recipe book of healthy recipes compiled by food bloggers and Ruth Writes has made its debut!  I love cooking healthy evening meals so I decided to put together a yummy chilli recipe for dinner. I wanted it to include all of my favourite ingredients whilst still being really easy to rustle up after work. Mixed Bean Chilli with Baked Sweet Potato So, what do you need? 400g of extra lean beef, turkey or quorn 1 red pepper 2 garlic cloves 1 pack of passata 1 can mixed beans Chilli powder 2 Sweet Potatoes Frying oil – I chose to use avocado oil but coconut or rapeseed as just as good Get Cooking Chop your veggies and gently fry in the oil Add your meat to the frying pan Once the veggies and meat/quorn are browning add the passata Simmer whilst adding the mixed beans to the pan and the …

Food // Spicy Chicken Salad

Every now and I go on a health kick, forgoing avo and toast for a chicken salad instead. So why not enjoy a yummy chicken salad for lunch on this grey Sunday afternoon? Marinade chicken in a sachet of Nandos sauce and pop in the fridge for an hour. Fry with sweet peppers and tomatoes and then later on a plate with lettuce, baby toms, avocado and chorizo. Maybe a bit of feta to contrast the flavours. And serve. Easy peasy salad in just 20 minutes!   

Food // A Trip to TGI Fridays 

Last week we decided to treat ourselves to a school night trip to TGIs. Delicious American style food, huge portions and a lengthy cocktail menu – perfect! We visited the Liverpool branch based in the L1. We arrived at around half 8 and after a 10 minute wait at the bar, we were seated at our table. With hungry bellies we opted for a starter each before our main. The nachos and chicken wings were delicious and then I had the pulled pork burger whilst he opted for the steak, ribs and prawns combo. Safe to say we finished the lot!   It may be a chain but the food is delicious, which is just what you want!  

Life // Sunday Coffee and Catch Ups 

This weekend has been food heavy with lots of delicious meals. Thursday welcomed a visit to the new Turtle Bay in Liverpool and Friday was a family meal kind of affair. So Sunday’s are always best spent at your own pace. A lazy morning in bed and a coffee catch up with old friends. Starbucks are officially kicking off Christmas with the return of red cups and I thought it’s only right to try their mulled fruit tea. I opted for the apple spiced tea, veggie festive flatbread wrap and a delicious slice of fig and cinnamon loaf. The weather may not be truly wintery yet but I’m loving mugs of hot fruity tea and kicking the red and yellow leaves underfoot. Autumn at its best!      

Food // Autumnal Butternut Squash Soup 

The dark nights have well and truly set in meaning cosy nights in are firmly under way. Eating healthily can take a backseat in the colder months so to conquer this I’ve been making big batches of soup. Root veggies are flavour of the month and whilst I carve my pumpkin for Halloween I decided to make a batch of butternut squash and leek soup. Yummy. I’m quite lazy and just shove my ingredients, chopped and seeeded into a pan with a veggie stock cube and a pinch of pepper to flavour. And before you know it, you have a big batch of flavourful soup ready to take to work for lunch. Easy peasy. All you need is – 1 butternut quash 2 leeks Veggie stockcube Hot water Salt and pepper to season Chop your veggies, simmer in a pan, add the stock and then blend till smooth with a hand blender. Easy lunch recipe with little hassle!

Pescetarian Food Diary – Week 1

I’ve never been a huge meat eater but last weekend over the bank hol I decided to go pescatarian. To find out why, read this post. So, how have I found it? Quite alright tbh. The key was preparation. On bank holiday Monday I went to Aldi and planned my meals for the week. I’ve eaten out and faced the ‘can’t be bothered to cook, what do I eat dilemma’ and it’s been ok. I stocked up on courgettes to make courgette spaghetti, sugar snap peas, sweet potatoes, avocados, sweet peppers and feta cheese. Breakfasts have stayed the same, shredded wheat with milk. Although on Sunday I opted for muesli and spelt bread with peanut butter and fruit. Lunches are really easy as my work has a veggie-friendly salad bar so I can pile my plate with salad and I added a can of tuna and an avocado for protein. At the weekend I decided to have a pita with hummus, sweet peppers and feta. So tasty and full of flavour. Courgetti was a huge …