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Recipe // Dippy Eggs and Feta

Brunch is one of my favourite meals yet I very rarely take the time to prepare it. But as we enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend I decided to take full advantage and make an old fave – dippy eggs. Dippy eggs is the ultimate sharing dish – throw in a handful of ingredients, expertly poach your eggs in the tomato sauce and get dipping! So what do you need?  Eggs – one of two per person should suffice Chorizo Feta cheese Chopped tomatoes Basil, salt & pepper to season Paprika / chilli flakes to add a kick! It’s a super simple recipe that requires zero prep – Add your tomatoes to a pan along with the chorizo. Once the tomatoes begin to bubble, create two ‘holes’ and this is where you will crack your eggs! Throw in the feta cheese and season. Serve straight from the pan once your eggs are cooked and enjoy with a few slices of your favourite bread or better still, a tear and share ciabatta to really mop up the …

Food // Starting the day with Special K Nourish

Breakfast is a major must for me. I’m an early bird through and through, opting to be at my desk at 8am each morning ready to go. Whilst weekends are a far more relaxed affair with a fry up or eggs on toast on offer, during the week I want something a little healthier. I switch it up between oats and cereal, opting to have oats, fruit and yogurt if I’m being seriously good or cereal and soy milk the rest of the time. When the lovely team over at Special K got in touch and asked if I’d like to review the new Nourish range – how could I refuse?! I’ve gotta put it out there here and now that these cereals are delicious – I mean, as soon as I saw the dark chocolate and coconut flavour I was sold! It’s so moreish but you don’t feel bad as you know you’re getting all of your everyday nutrients plus a side of something sweet to start the day! Like I said earlier, I’m …

Food // Spinach and Eggs on Brioche Toast

This weekend I get a 3 day weekend so that means an extra day to enjoy brunch at home.  On Saturday the sun was shining and I decided to rustle up a slightly different twist on my favourite – eggs on toast.          We picked up a brioche loaf as a treat during our food shop so I decided to toast a couple of slices and pile high with scrambled eggs and spinach.  I’m trying to eat a little healthier so this is the perfect balance of naughty and nice. I topped mine with feta cheese that add a little extra flavour too.  It’s so easy to make and I think I’ve found my new favourite weekend brunch recipe!

Food // Avocado & Feta Toast

A simplistic brunch just made for the weekends. I’m a fully signed up member of the avocado club. Combine that with freshly toasted bread, crumbly feta cheese and a handful of ripe cherry toms and you’ve got a recipe for success.  It’s my weekend go-to when I’m relaxing at home cos it’s just so easy to make.     

Quick-fix fruity breakfasts 

I only really tend to find time to prepare a tasty breakfast at the weekend. During the week I eat my #deskfast at work, so a bowl of cereal is the way to go. But at the weekend, if I’m not hungover that is, I like to eat a nice, Instagram-worthy breakfast (we all do it don’t we?!). Enter, greek yogurt, shed-loads of fruit and linseed – so I get all the healthy stuff goin’ on too! So what do you need? Well that’s up to you! I take my trusty kilner jar and fill it with a few different ingredients to make a super healthy yet tasty breakfast. It’s all about the flavour! I start with fruit. On this ocasion I decided to pile my jar with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. The flavours go so well together and once you add in a dollop of greek yogurt you’re onto a winner! It’s completely up to you whether you want to throw in flavoured yogurt, maybe some dried or, something I haven’t tried but just …