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Beauty // Discovering Lush Skincare

Until recently I’d never actually tried Lush Skincare products. It’s one of those stores that I find quite overwhelming to enter due to the sheer volume of people buying bath bombs like they’re going out of fashion. But when an email dropped in my inbox inviting me along to the Liverpool Lush store bloggers event, I knew this was my opportunity to learn a little bit more about the brand. The closed door event was simple – around 40 bloggers attended the event so it was great to bump into new and old familiar faces and we could try a variety of the products and chat to the super helpful staff about the products that would work for us. So this when I made a beeline for the skincare! Moisturisers and cleansers are my bag so I was really keen to get a better understanding of the product range and try a couple out. My skintype used to be quite oily but as I’ve gotten older and switched up my diet in recent months I …

Beauty //  New Purchases ft Urban Decay Kat Von D

Okay so I’ve gotta put it out there before I even start this post. … I frickin’ love these photos! I’m really trying to play around with backgrounds to make my blog photos look a bit more interesting and I just adore the black and white theme on this post! It’s been a while since I last updated the contents of my make-up bag and after a couple of fun blogger events I’ve restocked and I’m now the proud owner of a Kat Von D eyeliner and two Urban Decay Vice lipsticks. Both iconic brands known for their bold colours and gorgeous, lasting products! I’ve heard and read so many amazing reviews of the Kat Von D tattoo liner and since the brand launched in Debenhams, I couldn’t wait to head along to the stand and take a peek at the collection. I was so kindly gifted this eyeliner after the Debenhams glamoween event I blogged about on the weekend and I couldn’t be happier. I wore it on the weekend and everything from the …

Beauty // Holiday Essentials

I’m writing this post from the comfort of my sofa, with a small dog on my lap and Love Island catch up on the telly after spending the last 10 days in Marrakech. Morroco was everything I imagined – it was such a beautiful country, full of colour and hot hot hot! So, as I spent the majority of our holiday lay around the pool I decided to take a few snaps of the few items I couldn’t have been without!      I picked up this sequinned woven beach bag in the souks in Marrakech after spotting them on the high street before we flew.  I love to read on holiday as the rest of the year I don’t really pick up a book. And The Girl On The Train didn’t disappoint – it was the perfect holiday read!  After spending 10 days in and out of the pool a good shampoo and conditioner is a must. I picked up the Garnier Fructis range for coloured hair as I wanted my blonde to stay as …

Beauty // The Body Shop Blogger Event, Liverpool

On Thursday I was invited down to The Body Shop store in L1 to attend their bloggers evening. The Body Shop is one of those brands I’ve grown up with and associate with being a teenager, thanks to their vanilla musk range. But as the brand has grown their products have massively improved.. On the night they had 3 stations set up – a face / skincare station, body and hand care station and a makeover station. I beelined for the facial station as my skin needed some TLC! I’ve always been an avid cleanse, tone, moisturise kinda girl but thanks to long days at work, sometimes k forget. I was introduced to the Vitamin E range which works perfect with my skin type – oily, if you’re wondering and it targets aging too. I didn’t bother with a makeover as it was so nice to feel cleansed so I headed home after the event make up free! I also had a nosey at the Pinita Colada range that I’ve seen across various blogs. I …

Beauty // Introducing Bean Burst

Every now and then I like to treat myself to a bath. It’s one of the few times you get to really switch off and unwind. No social media, no TV. Just light a couple of my favourite candles and use some of my favourite products. At the minute I’m loving trying out different body scrubs. I’m going on holiday in June so I’m trying to get into a routine of exfoliating now so my skin can reap the benefits when we’re away! This one from Bean Burst has a grapefruit blend designed to relieve stress and help clear your skin. It smells amazing thanks to the coffee beans and it did the trick – I can definitely tell the difference on my legs! This post is sponsored by Bean Burst. However, I didn’t receive payment & opinions are all my own. 

Life // A Week in Pictures

  Fresh flowers and a slice of Maltesers tiffin as a mid-week treat Rose muscato bubbles last Sunday as this week was a no work Monday. Sometimes you just gotta… It was bae’s birthday on Monday so we deemed it treat night and booked a table at San Carlo. It’s my favourite Italian in Liverpool as its always just amazing 👌🏻 And I rounded the week off by getting my nails did. Hot pink to make the boys wink!  How’s your week looking? 

Beauty // Toning My Hair Grey 

Since we moved house I’ve left my hairdresser behind and my regular appointments for blonde highlights are no more. Instead I’ve started box dying my hair again and this usually spells trouble as I can experiment with colour! I’m loving the soft grey tones that are appearing on my Instagram feed so I decided to get in on the action.    First I had to lighten my existing blonde to strip away the yellow tone that has started to come through before I applied the toner. This one from Garnier worked really well and I was white blonde in half an hour! I picked up two of these Jerome Russell blonde toner kits in slate. I’ve applied one so far for the advised 30 minutes. It’s taken on my ends and my hair looks slightly darker on top but I’m gonna use the second one and leave for an hour. Hopefully the colour will develop then!  I also picked up an argan oil conditioner as I need to take care of my hair after applying …

Life // Reading Inspo 

At home you’ll more than likely find me curled up on the couch, either in my reading corner sat in the sun on the weekend (yes, that’s a thing!) or in bed with a magazine.     I’ve always been a magazine addict and as I’ve grown older this habit hasn’t changed. It’s even one of the reasons why I have a magazine journalism degree!  I love the glossy monthly mags so I can read about fashion and beauty as much as I adore food magazines. These are where I get most of my recipe ideas from. I even have a recipe folder where I rip out and store ones I want to try!  It’s just my way of relaxing and if I’m not reading a mag I’m probably checking my BlogLovin for new blog posts to read!  We’re still yet to buy a bookshelf for the house but I can’t wait till my recipe and fashions books can come out on display too! 

Beauty // January Favourites

I don’t really feature monthly favourites but I’m really loving taking the time each morning to do my make up and then take it off and leave my skin feeling fresh at night.     So let’s start with Sure deoderant. An essential I’m sure you’ll agree. I picked this up in a pound shop and I love it! Defo gonna buy this again. I got this primer in a My Little Box and I’ve used it every day since. It just glides across the skin and my make up stays on all day. Again, this Keratise hair product came from a beauty box and I use it before I dry my hair. It doesn’t feel greasy and my hair looks shiny once it’s dried and straightened.  Ren is a brand I’ve always wanted to try but the price tag was always out of my budget. So when I opened this months My Little Box I was over the moon! It smells amazing and takes my make up with just one cotton pad.  And lastly, Sinple …

Beauty // Annual Soap and Glory Haul

Soap and Glory are one of my favourite brands and every January my bathroom resembles an aisle in Boots as my family and friends stock up! I’ve currently got a mix of the old faithfuls and the new-ish lime scented Sugar Crush range on the go. Righteous butter and Clean On Me are my two faves as they just smell amazing and leave your skin feeling so good. I got a nice mix of hand creams too, which I think will take pride of place on my desk at work. Ideal for during this horrible spell of cold weather! I just love shopping at Soap and Glory, and they’re my go-to skincare collection for sure!

Beauty // Nivea Skincare

It’s been a while since I’ve covered beauty around these parts so what better time to get back into it than January! I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol now for 3 weeks and my skin and body are feeling so much better for it, but I need to re-address my skincare routine as it’s dropped off lately and I’ve been getting lazy. So, if I blog about it, I’ll remember to cleanse, tone and moisturise each night again! Nivea is such an old school brand, the one that you started using when you first bought moisturiser or face wipes with your pocket money in your teens. As I grew older I turned to niche products, but Nivea is always an old faithful. I love micellar water so I was excited to swap my current bottle of Simple to this one. It’s really gentle on the skin and it easily removes my make up in one wipe. Even waterproof mascara which is the devil to get rid off without leaving black marks! I don’t tend …

Monthly favourites: beauty edit 

It’s been a while since I’ve talked beauty around these parts but I’m back with the 4 products I’ve been loving this month. I know we’re only half way through October but I keep thinking we’re closer to November than we are. Maybe it’s wishful thinking as we get closer to Halloween and bonfire night. But back to the products I’ve been raving about. First up it’s an old favourite that I forgot about for a while but it’s back in my make up bag – Estée Lauder DoubleWear. I just love the coverage and how it lasts all day. Perfect for long days at work and nights out. Next up is the first of two moisturisers. Simple is one of those affordable brands that serves you well. Now it’s getting colder my skin is feeling it and I’ve been depending on this moisturiser. And the La Roche-Posay BB cream has been my favour underneath my make up. Designed for oily skin, it’s perfect at tackling breakouts. And lastly, Bastiste dry shampoo. Cos, obvs. This …

New MUA and Revolution Make Up Buys

I know I’m a beauty blogger but sometimes I go overboard stocking up new products. Base products and eyeshadows are  my favourite products to buy so when I ‘nipped’ into Superdrug earlier this week, I couldn’t resist the MUA and Revolution stands. Cover Up Ever since I got a sample of the Laura Mercier primer in the limited edition GlossyBox at Christmas, I finally get how important it is underneath my foundation. A couple of months ago I picked up the pro-base primer from MUA so this was a re-purchase. It’s less than a fiver too so it won’t break the bank. It goes on really smoothly and my foundation stay in place all day – even when I apply it at 7 in the morning before work. The second item I picked up was this pro-base argan plush concealer from MUA. I hadn’t used this before but I’m definitely gonna buy it again. It goes onto the skin really gently and it’s really easy to blend, covering my spots in a jiffy. It’s all …

Living the (Instagram) dream

The pink, the nude, the glossy Instagram filter placed on the September issue of Cosmo. I’m a weekday stereo type.  20-something girl comes from from work, considers a trip to the gym, attempts to spiralize courgette before considering putting a pizza in the oven instead. Before she knows it, it’s 10 to 9 and there’s still the arduous task of drying her hair before bed. Cos, we all know the average working woman needs 8 hours sleep to function. Nope I definitely won’t be scrolling twitter, Instagram and Facebook on repeat for an hour. Nope, absolutely not.  So yeah, I’m up to the nail painting stage. You? 

First impressions of La Roche-Posay

On a recent shopping trip I picked up a couple of La Roche-Posay skincare samples to try. Having heard big things about the French skincare brand I was eager to try these out.  I chose two samples of the effaclar duo+ which is a corrective serum that targets and corrects the appearance of imperfections.     I have quite oily skin and suffer from breakouts every now and again so this product sounded perfect. It was really nice to apply with a slight perfumed scent. But it felt really soft and I could tell it had been applied to my skin without leaving any greasiness.  All in all, this is a product I’d try again. I’ll have to take a look next time I’m in Boots!