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Social Issues- The route of all evil?

Since I made the decision yesterday to delete my Facebook page it seems to have acquired a few mixed responses from my friends- how will we keep in touch and why would I do such a thing? One friend stated that she can’t seem to remember a time before the social networking site was inflicted upon our on-line lives. Sad statistic or what? But one that in ten years will be echoed by the up-coming teens of the world. With social networking now the norm, I feel it’s time for my very own sabbatical from reality to enable myself to get real. My reason? Why do I need to read the same boring updates from the same few each day? Half of my so called ‘friends’ are exactly that from high school and even primary school. The rest acquaintance’s  I have met along the way, added and then never spoken to since. The only friends I do need to stay in touch with text me in a worried state. Was there something wrong? Why would a person delete their online profile for all …

Graduate hell

According to a new survey out today on the BBC news website It seems for any graduate to actually succeed in the rat race and be in with a chance of getting a job, a 2.1 degree is required. Now, that worries me slightly. Or does it? When I eventually graduate I should, (being the operative word) be coming out of 16 years of education with a degree at a 2.2 level. Alongside, four A Levels and countless GSCE’s, so why is it with that much education under my belt the Association of Graduate Recruiters deem is necessary for one third of all graduates to not even be in the running? Unfair? Definitely. Sign of the times? Certainly. Here’s hoping that by the time November rolls round and I *fingers crossed* will have a Journalism degree under my belt, some employer somewhere will find it in their heart to offer me job. Maybe this info should be passed onto any unsuspecting first years come September, cos it seems that sometimes your best just isn’t good enough.

The verdict is…

Glastonbury was AMAZING. Results day was not. Glastonbury Beautiful weather, amazing live music, great atmosphere, warm JD and coke and a few beers. Lush. Dizzee, Florence, Muse, Vampire Weekend, Tinie Tempah, SCISSOR SISTERS! Just a mere few of the highlights of an amazing weekend spent with the masses. Defo a festival convert and Worthy Farm will be visited again in the near future 🙂 Results Day Not so good. Found out in the early hours of Friday morn whilst dancing round in a field at Glasto, with a warm can of Carling in my hand and many more in my belly. Shorthand and me it seems just are destined to hate each other for ever more. I cant recall a time when myself and subject detested each other quite so much, but it seems this on is here to stay. Well till the dreaded re-sit day in August. And that is my weekend in a nutshell. Doubt I’ll be having one quite like it for a wee while.

And it begins…

Three days after I blog about jobs, and how hard graduates find it, the interviews start to creep in. Ok, I have only had two but that’s alot more than where I was last week. First interview tomorrow, slightly apprehensive. Not had a job interview since I was 16, and seeing this is for a PROPER job rather than a weekend job I think its safe to say, it will be scary and official and I will have to be on top of my game! Hopefully, it will go fine and I will get offered a perfect graduate position and live happily ever after. Fingers crossed.

“Hi, Job-Centre please”

So, I’ve now been living back at home for three weeks, back to the same job I’ve had since I was 16 and spent the best part of the day training newbies up. Newbies who are 16, in their first year of college and their first job. So why is it that I’m still there?? Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking the fact that I have a job, god knows I’m thankful for that. It keeps my topshop addiction at a healthy level and allows me to look forward to the upcoming week of madness that will be Glastonbury 10! My point is, whilst working in a little well known establishment that old people seem to generate towards, often I get told, ohh there’s plenty of jobs when you graduate, you wont be stuck here forever, what you doing after university? Well at the moment it seems nothing. If you don’t live in the capital, journalism jobs are far and wide. So what’s next? Carry on in shop work, move into admin, hell I’ve …

Major girlie crush developing!

It’s safe to say that since she burst onto the scene screaming about kissing girls and cherry chapsticks I have been a fully paid up member of the Katy Perry fan club. Her outrageous sense of style, lets not forget she was around before Gaga rocked up, with her light up dresses, blue hair and an enormous fun factor, that sometimes Gaga lacks. Put together with Russell Brand, and an Indian themed wedding expected in October, it seems its not just me that’s loving the Perry at the min. Roll on the second album to bring more crazy outfits and that Jessica Rabbit sexiness that Katy ooozes! Ohhh yes, defo can feel a girlie crush coming on. After looking at this pic I might need a little lay down!!

Festival Essentials

In one week I shall be undertaking my first ever festival experience and I think its safe to say, I am more than excited! Bought  every item that single person I know, who’s either been to festival or just been camping, has said is an essential must have, but just to be on the safe side, I suppose I’d better make that all important list! Wellington boots Pack a mac Hoodie Sleeping bag! Pillow Camping chair Baby wipes Hand sanitizer Toilet Roll Alcohol!!! 🙂 Food! Torch Anything else to add to the list?? Think it’s safe to say I WILL end up forgetting something no doubt!