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Hitting blog milestones 

So this weekend I hit a huge blogging milestone – 10,000 page views!  Little did I know 5 years ago when I started blogging as a place to showcase my writing skills to perspective job interviews, I would still be here 5 years later. I’ve been offered some fantastic opportunities through my blog and I really love having my own corner of the internet to talk about what interests me.  The blogging industry has changed massively, with blogging now being a full-time job! 22 year old Ruth could only have dreamt of that back then!  I’ve always said I’m gonna keep blogging till I don’t enjoy it anymore but lately I feel like I’m back in my stride. I’m loving both food and beauty blogging so I’m just going with it! Thanks so much to the many of you that come back and comment, it’s very much appreciated! I’ve got lots of exciting posts planned so stay tuned!  Ruth x  *image credit – Pinterest 

The measure of success

Success. Such a small word yet measured on such a massive scale. We, as people, spend so much time benchmarking our worth against other – friends, family, work colleagues, yet we take little time to stop and appreciate ourselves.  Now is the time.    One person’s measure of doing well may be a house, possibly a family with the addition of children.  Another individual may look forward envisioning a career with natural progression and growth, whilst some are simply in the moment. Enjoying what they have, grateful for their lot and safe in themselves, content with what they have.   However success can stir the beast inside. Wishing, lusting after the latest designer handbag, must-have shoes, invites to the coolest parties, yet wondering how it all becomes a reality. We bench-mark our lives against others, constantly striving for the next but taking little time to celebrate the here and now. I’m on a quest, not as a goal, or even as new-found way of thinking, but I want to take the time to stop and …

On a Sunday afternoon….

Lazy Sundays are the best and with 2013 treating us to a proper summer in July, weekends spent in the sun with your favourites just seem that little bit sweeter. And today was one of those. A little relaxing in the garden started the day and then the afternoon kicked off with a visit to The White Lion in Wrightington, near Wigan for lunch. Gorgeous food, quite a rural area and a beer garden-essential for a little al fresco dining! After lunch we took a trip to the park for ice-cream and then rounded off the afternoon with shopping. Just perfect don’t you think?!

Glastonbury 2013- Another year at Worthy Farm!

Glastonbury is over for another year and I have returned a broken woman. The weather was truly amazing. After becoming a little obsessed with BBC Weather prior to the festival, the sun did indeed shine and it made for a fantastic 5 days. Highlights included Dizzee Rascal, Mumford and Sons, Chase and Status and Ben Howard. However since returning home I have come down with a summer cold, (I know, what is that all about?!), so I write this from my poorly sick bed before I make my, fingers crossed, return to health and to work tomorrow! But, before I well and truly wish goodbye to Worthy Farm for another year, here is a very quick round-up from Wednesday-Sunday at what really is one of the world’s best and biggest festivals! Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures this year, I think I enjoyed it more without trying to take the perfect picture of each band! But there we have it, Glastonbury 2013- roll on next year!

Broadchurch- Review

Broadchurch. The ITV drama that took us all by storm and became unmisssablee television and the one show I’ve been obsessed with over the past 8 weeks. It’s at this point I must advise if you haven’t watched the series and wouldn’t like to be told who dun it, then stop reading now. From the casting, to the initial storyline- young boy found dead in small town with tight knit community. Each episode leads on from another, with every member of the community carrying their own secret and clues leading to the murderer. The series is focused on the Latimer famiy, with youngest child, Danny Latimer found dead. We learn Mark Latimer had been having a brief affair with the local hotelier, Becca Fisher and grieving mum, Beth Latimer is pregnant. Through the first couple of episodes the Latimers are at the heart of Broadchurch. David Tennant was fantastic casting of DC Hardy. Moody and mysterious with his own secret and the knowledge that he failed his previous murder case. We warm to him as the episodes carry …


So, I know I have covered my on-going battle to find my dream hair colour on here before, but I haven’t spoken about it for a while. My natural colour is a strawberry blonde (trust me this IS a real colour), however I first started dying my hair red back in 2008 and I got hooked. I just loved having red hair and boy did I try every shade and every box dye going. After 3 years of having varying shades of red I decided to go dark. And this where it began. After swearing I would always be red and loving it so, all of a suddden, I kind of didnt. I just didnt have a clue what colour I wanted to be- much to my poor mum/DIY hairdresser, who wanted me to go natural, but that wasnt the easiest thing in the world after spending so many hears piling dark dyes on a lighter natural colour. This is when I started to strip. My hair that is. And this weny on for about a …

My week in pictures

This post does basically what it says on the tin- my week in pictures! 1. The Killers at Manchester Arena. I’ve never seen them live before, but wow, deof worth the wait! 2.  More Magazine and Mini Eggs- need I say more? 3  + 4. Temple tube station on my way to Somerset House for London Fashion Weekend and having a nosey at the yummy food stalls in Covent Garden.

Bits and Bobs

So, I haven’t blogged about the goings on in my life for a while- apologies but here I am. I’m currently off work for a week so I’m looking forward to a much needed breather and my week is kicking off with The Killers at the MEN tonight, which I’m tres looking forward to! The sunshine and lovely days are helping too so I will provide a detailed update towards the end of the week (boo!) but for now this is what I’m pinning over on Pinterest and defo making me smile!   

My Stationary Fix

I can’t believe its the end of January 13 already. This month has kinda dragged but kinda flown for me, an odd one but quite a good month all in all. However, that’s not what I’m here to talk about on this fine Thursday eve. I have something to get off my chest. I heart stationary. There I’ve said it, phew. Notebooks, pens, folders, staplers- my desk at work looks like a corner of Partners (RIP chidhood fave shop). Papers, countless notepads, an assortment of highlighters, post-it’s and such- I’m never happier than when I’m underlining and jotting things down in my planner. I’ve posted about ‘Not on the high street’ before, but that site continues to blow my mind with it’s oh so perfect bits and bobs that I just need! Below are a cute selection of my faves, that I need to add my ever-growing mess of a desk at work!

Blogger Cliche: Snow

Well, 7 days later and the snow continues. With a second snowfall yesterday evening and a white coating covering everything in sight, and yet a lovely sunny day I thought I would take the opportunity to share a couple of snaps I took on my way home last night and then earlier this morning.

Coats for every occasion

I  just don’t know about you but I just can’t believe how cold it has been recently  and with the entire country enjoying the snow, you just know at this time of year, the only accessory you’ve got to rely on is a fantastic coat.  Whether you’ve got curves to kill for or a gorgeous streamline figure, a fantastically fitting coat is a must. It is the easiest way to complete your look and ensure you keep warm! With so many styles to choose from and colours suitable for every skin tone, finding ‘The One’ can sometimes feel like a battle, but when you find it, well, you just know don’t you. The shape, fit, colour- when you slip it on,feel the soft lining and cosy finish,  oh it’s like home isn’t it? Cruise Fashion So, after Twitter ever so politely suggesting I follow the brand I was excitd to find a new site to lust after, oh hello Cruise Fashion! I was instantly drawn to the coats and all that was staring back at …

Hangover Cures

So, we are 6 days into the New Year, every magazine tv ad and Facebook status is screaming ‘new year new me’. Can we just give it up already? The only way to a new you is by making a change, good or bad, and sticking to it. There is zero need for the song and dance, however I digress. We are 6 days in and I am hungover, so much for dry january. Now that’s not to say I haven’t made a couple of resolutions, but I am gonna keep them close to my chest as if they don’t work out, I won’t feel bad or obliged to complete. So this weekend has been a chilled one. After 2 whole days back at work, oh the hardship, I have mostly been watching CITV 30 years old skool weekend, Clueless, reading the monthly mags, and nursing todays hangover. Oh and this little beauty has kept me entertained….

Yearly Round-Up

I don’t know about you guys but I can’t believe Christmas is over and the New Year is right around the corner. The build-up seemed to last for such a long time this year, with the shops starting super-early and the decorations going up at the start of the month and then the 25th passed us by oh so quickly. Well, there were the traditions that sit firmly in each household and in ours it is the littel things that make Crimbo. With both my brother and I sitting on the other side of our teens, Christmas is all about a good lie-in, a magazine for me in my stocking (this is a necessity!) and the fry-up we consume at around 11am-ish. But, with the day having passed us by, we are now turning to the New Year with Facebook status’ appearing making plans and giving thanks to the past year and I have to admit I look back on 2012 fondly.