Month: Sep 2016

Review // The Gin Explorer September Box

Since I met my other half a couple of years ago he’s tried his hardest to get me to like gin. An ice cold G&T is his drink of choice always, whether we’re on a night out or relaxing at home in front of the TV, that boy likes his gin. I’m only a fan with flavoured tonics, preferring a sweeter gin and elderflower tonic combo’s every time. So, when the lovely people at the Gin Explorer subscription box got in touch to ask if I’d like to review the September box I absolutely said yes! This was our opportunity to try different gins, experience new flavours all in the comfort of our own home – without having to pay expensive bar prices! When the box arrived through the post we were very excited to explore the contents and marveled at the box’s suitcase design – we knew from the off, this was going to be an adventure! Each subscription box contains 4 gins and 2 tonics to mix and match. Every box comes with …

Food // Lunchtime Peeves

I’m one of those organised sorts who manages to #preplikeaboss and bring both my breakfast and lunch to work at least 4 days out of 5. Tupperware is life and I love thinking of fun new lunch ideas to bring and ping in the office microwave. I don’t believe in a boring lunch and because I prep both my own and my bf’s each night, I try to mix it up and make work mealtimes fun with a  variety of options for breakfast and lunch. I love to start my day with a kilner jar of overnight oats. Mixing honey and greek yoghurt with fruit, oats, cinnamon and a splash of almond milk, I really look forward to it and it generally keeps me full till around half 11. My boyfriend is a teacher and he tends to eat his breakkie during the morning break so I send him off to school with a croissant and jam. The perfect sweet pick-up-up at mid morning! But now we’re on to the main event – lunchtime planning! Now …

Recipe // Lime Chicken & Cheesy Leeks

Sometimes I find that I make the same recipes on repeat but since I picked up a copy of the Lean in 15 cook book from Joe Wicks a few weeks ago I’ve been given fresh inspiration and want to create yummy, healthy meals again. Grilled chicken and veg is the oldest ‘healthy meal’ in the book…but sometimes it gets boring so I decided to mix it up with the introduction of spicy, marinated chicken that’s full of flavour and cheesy leeks on the side. I don’t like bland food so anything that combines lots of flavours and a hint of spice is a winner in my book! In my last post I mentioned that I recently went on a shopping trip to the Aintree Retail Park and whilst I was in The Range, I picked up this amazing grill pan. I’m not a fan of the oven in our rented house, so this is a great way to grill meat and veggies together on the hob. I just added a spritz of frylite and …

Fashion // Week 3 #OOTD

Another weekend brings the third installment of ‘what I wore this week’. Knowing I’m posting my daily outfits means I’m thinking about the combos I’m putting together and it’s helping my shopping ban FOMO!  This week is very busy work wise and each look reflected what I was up to. Plus autumn really set in and my office is freezing so layers are essential!  Monday- Tan suede jacket, blue paisley top and jeans all Primark Tuesday – Khaki jacket River Island, mustard jumper and denim pinafore dress both New Look Wednesday – Blue marl dress Topshop, pink jumper River Island and blue jeans New Look Thursday – Jumper Primark, Skirt F&F at Tesco, trench coat New Look Friday – Slogan t-shirt Ebay, Beige leather jacket and ripped jeans ASOS 

Fashion / The Little Red Bag

Since I first spotted it on the Zara website, I wanted the Little Red Bag. But because our holidays are out of the way, this year and next is all about serious savings. For big stuff, like a house and furniture. And this means shopping is out of the question. So I did what any handbag obsessive does…I mentioned the Little Red Bag to my boyfriend. Like, weekly. Now it was only £15.99 which isn’t much but I really want to hit my first (of many!) savings target in the New Year, so bags are a no-go. Or so I thought until two weeks ago. It was a rainy, miserable Saturday. We were having friends round and I was in the nail shop getting my first set of shellacs done in about 3 months. No biggie, but I’m a nails done kinda girl but cos of the savings thing, I decided to give them up. But after 3 months of horribly chipped, broken nails, I caved and ‘treated’ myself. My boyfriend rang to ask if …

Fashion // Week 2 #OOTD

In a bid to utilise my wardrobe and not spend money on clothes, here’s this week’s edit of ‘what I wore’ week 2!  Outfit details are listed below, enjoy!  Monday = orange sleeveless jacket Dorothy Perkins, tribal print top  ASOS, blue skinny jeans New Look Tuesday = black and white top Primark, black midi dress George@Asda, stonewash denim jacket George@Asda  Wednesday = khaki top George@Asda, pink blazer Topshop via eBay, jeans Tesco  Thursday = green jumper Forever 21, black sleeveless jacket Primark, printed jeans Primark Friday = Aztec  denim shirt George@Asda, ripped skinny jeans and waterproof both ASOS Saturday = striped bardot top Dorothy Perkins, denim pinafore dress New Look, grey quilted jacket Primark 

Homeware // Autumnal Homeware Accessories 

Even though we’re currently enjoying a beautiful Indian summer, at the weekend I began to turn my attention to autumn and more importantly, autumnal homeware. This autumn is the first that my boyfriend and I have spent living together after we moved into our rented house last December and I’m excited to reflect the change of seasons in our homeware. Because we’re in rented accommodation I’m not talking huge home renovations but updating our home accessories. In my eyes no home is complete without candles lit in various rooms and after a visit to The Range at Aintree Retail Park, (is there a greater homeware shop?!? I restocked my candle and reed defuser collection. Both our front and living rooms have a grey/white theme and red is the perfect colour to add a pop of colour. This Pomegranate candle smells delicious and looks great on my side table in the front room. I love candles from The Range as they’re SO cheap but last such a long time. I think this candle was less than £3 – …

Recipe // Chicken & Chorizo Noodles

This week I’m working my way through the Lean in 15 cookery book and the latest offering was the chicken and chorizo recipe.  It’s meant to be eaten alone but after a busy day in work I wanted to pad it out a bit so I decided to add noodles. It truly is a 15 minute meal as it didn’t take long at all to prep and I had all the ingredients too – winning!  Ingredients  Chicken breast x 2 Chorizo Red onion Spinach  Mozzarella  Dried noodles  Cherry tomatoes Salt, pepper & paprika to season Optional – I added Greek yoghurt to thicken and create a sauce for our noodles  It’s essentially a one pot dish as you add each ingredient during the 15 minute cooking time.  I found this really easy to make and it was delicious and full of flavour. But I defo think adding the yogurt to make it saucey was a great shout! 

Fashion // Week 1 #OOTD 

House savings are taking presidence at the minute so clothes shopping has taken a back seat which means creating new outfits from the existing contents of my wardrobe!  In order to transition into Autumn and fall back in love with some old pieces, I’m trying to mix it up. And, taking daily pictures is the way forward right now.  Expect a weekly update on the outfits I’m wearing each week right here every Sunday.  Blue paisley blouse, tan sleeveless jacket and skinny jeans White Balmain t-shirt, blue skinny jeans and a coral boucle jacket Black and white striped top, black clottes and trainers Black top, green maxi skirt and tan suede jacket Pink jumper, black midi dress, stonewas denim jacket & red Zara bag

Beauty // Make-Up Academy Haul

I’m a funny stage in my life where I’m intentionally opting to spend my money on homeware and good wine for the weekends, rather than on expensive make up…which use to bring me so much joy. I needed to upgrade my make-up collection and purchase a few items…but I didn’t want to spend a fortune.  After following them on Instagram for quite a while, I decided to give Make- Up Academy a go as I knew they were cheaper than my usual products but just as good. And I must say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised! This entire haul, of 5 items, came in at just £13 – including foundation, a lipstick and brow product. I picked up the Skin Define Matte Perfect foundation, Brow Define tinted brow mascara, a matte pink lipstick, a concealer and the Strobe and Glow Highlight Kit. I’ve been wearing the face items every day to work and it’s gotta be said…I’m impressed! My foundation and brows are staying put and the highlighter adds just the right amount of shimmer for the office! …

Recipe // Butternut Squash & Meatballs

This recipe was one of those nights where I had lots of leftover veg in the fridge and I was lacking on meat so I decided to defrost a pack of meatballs. I didn’t fancy cooking pasta, so I wanted to create a dish that would taste great with rice. And…I think I more than managed it – this recipe was delicious! So what was leftover in my fridge?  Spiralised butternut squash 1 red onion 1 courgette 6 beef meatballs (serves 2) Handful of spinach Passata Spices to season – paprika, garlic, cajun spice Salt & pepper Once I’d chopped and diced my veg, I added the onion, courgette and meatballs to a frying pan with a dollop of coconut oil. Once the veg began to brown and the meatballs were cooking, I added the butternut squash and spinach to the pan. Season and stir in the passata to make the sauce. Serve with boiled rice and enjoy!