Month: Apr 2016

Food // Holy Guacamole Mexican Recipe

When I’m planning a night-in at the weekend and I’m thinking about what to cook, usually there’s just one type of food on the menu…Mexican! Nachos, burritos, tacos.. you get the jist! I just love spicy Mexican food piled high with homemade guac, tons of sour cream and an (un)healthy topping of cheese! So, last weekend I got to cookin’ in the kitchen and rustled up a huge pan of chilli, cheesy nachos to share and a bowl of homemade guacamole. Plus, we had cocktails, cos what Saturday night in is complete with cocktails?!         Chillies are one of my favourite recipes as you can’t really go wrong. I pack mine with loads of veggies so I feel like I’m kinda being good to my body and make sure it’s well seasoned so I can really taste flavour. Oh and despite there only being two of us, I make enough to feed a small army so I’m usually still eating leftovers with salad for my lunches at work the following week! So, what do …

Drink // Make Your Own Cocktails

I don’t know about you but after a week at work I just can’t wait to get home in my pjs and chill on the sofa. With a drink of course. Once upon a time I used to live for going out at the weekend. Buying a new dress, talking about it all week. These days I just want my onesie, sofa and a large, large glass of wine. But I still get those cocktails cravings, so even though I’ve swapped my heels for slippers, I can’t give up my love for cocktails!  This weekend I decided to switch up my Saturday night and did homemade cocktails. Yeah, I might still be chilling in my onesie but I had a belly full of nachos and chilli and a delicious fruity cocktail in hand that I swear rivals those I’ve had in bars.           So, what did I use? I kept it simple and stocked up on a couple of those pre-mixed cans of gin & tonic and summer punch aka Aldi’s version of Pimms. …

Fashion // ASOS Dupe Stan Smith Trainers

This year everyone seems to be going mad for trainers. I’ve always been a trainers kinda girl – generally wearing them with boyfriend jeans or to dress down a dress or a skirt.  So naturally I’m loving that it’s ‘in fashion’ to pretty much wear them daily. I ordered this black and white leopard-inspired print pair from ASOS last summer.  At the time I loved them cos of their skater-style look. However now I think ASOS was ahead of the times as they’re so similar to Adidas Stan Smiths – without the hefty price tag!     

Food // Sausage & Spinach Pasta Bake

Everyone loves a pasta bake – stodgy, carb-heavy yet so, so yummy. This week is one of those ‘using up the contents of the cupboards’ weeks so what could I rustle up with 1 leek, 1 courgette, 1 jar of tomato & bacon pasta sauce and a pack of sausages? Obvs I went with a pasta bake. And I tell you what, I’m so glad I did! It was really delicious and just the sorta meal I was craving after a day in work and a long-dog walk when I got home. Yeah, pasta bakes can take a little bit longer than usual pasta dishes to prep, but it was so worth the wait. And anything topped with cheese is a winner in my book!    So what do ya need? Half a bag of penne pasta – I made enough for 2 people to eat over 2 week-days. Yep, easy dinners is my jam 6 pack of sausages – quorn or meat, whatever your preference, both work a-ok 300g baby spinach 1 red onion …

Food // Butternut Squash, Spinach & Feta Lasagne

I’m trying to incorporate more veggie-based recipes into our diet and this weekend I gave this lasagne recipe a go – but added my own twist onto it! I love lasagne but never really attempted to make my own till recently. Spinach is now a staple in my fridge and I wanted to try cooking with butternut squash so this lasagne recipe, adapted from Essbeevee, was perfect! I made a couple of adaptions and in hindsight I think it’s needs a bit more flavour so next time I’m gong to add chorizo too. Ingredients  1 punnet of chestnut mushrooms 1 bag of baby spinach 1 red onion 1 butternut squash 2 courgettes 1 yellow pepper 1 leek 6 lasagne pasta sheets Tin of mushroom soup Feta Cheddar cheese It’s really easy to make too! Chop up your veggies and gently fry in a large frying pan. I added garlic powder, black pepper and dried mixed herbs to season. I popped my squash in the microwave for 5 mins to soften so it was easier to …

Life // A Week in Pictures

  Fresh flowers and a slice of Maltesers tiffin as a mid-week treat Rose muscato bubbles last Sunday as this week was a no work Monday. Sometimes you just gotta… It was bae’s birthday on Monday so we deemed it treat night and booked a table at San Carlo. It’s my favourite Italian in Liverpool as its always just amazing 👌🏻 And I rounded the week off by getting my nails did. Hot pink to make the boys wink!  How’s your week looking? 

Interiors // How To Make Your Home Instagrammable

Whether you’re a blogger or not, we’re all over our Instagram feed and sharing our pics to get those likes. And lately I’m loving sharing pictures of my home. Making your personal space look amazing for both yourself and your grid is a must these days and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be lusting after the marble trend, adoring white wash kitchens and cute pastel accessories. All designed to keep your Insta grid  on fleek! So, how can you update your home or uni room to look ultra-cute and chic, without spending a fortune? Well, it’s easy. From upcycling old furniture with a quick lick of paint or discovering the best homeware shops designed to suit any budget, I’m all about interior shopping without breaking the bank! Taking an old bedside table or set of chairs and give it a quick lick of paint to add some colour and bring it back to life is so easy. This is especially great, if like me, you’re a renter and don’t have much leeway with decoration. …

Food // Spinach and Eggs on Brioche Toast

This weekend I get a 3 day weekend so that means an extra day to enjoy brunch at home.  On Saturday the sun was shining and I decided to rustle up a slightly different twist on my favourite – eggs on toast.          We picked up a brioche loaf as a treat during our food shop so I decided to toast a couple of slices and pile high with scrambled eggs and spinach.  I’m trying to eat a little healthier so this is the perfect balance of naughty and nice. I topped mine with feta cheese that add a little extra flavour too.  It’s so easy to make and I think I’ve found my new favourite weekend brunch recipe!

Beauty // Morning Skincare Routine

Sometimes it’s nice to strip it back and write a post about things that you like. I aint gonna lie, yep I thought about Instagram when I took this picture. Cos over there it’s all about the flat lay, right? But, basically I just wanted to take a couple of quick pictures of a few products I’m loving. And then I thought why not add this cute print and frame from one of the My Little Box’s and a cute Primark make-up bag to the shot too? But I’m really only here to talk about the three skincare products. First up is this sweet Nivea lip balm. I got it in a set for Christmas but I started using it a few weeks ago applying it when I’m doing my going-out make up. I put a thin layer on while I do the rest of my face and let it sink in before I apply my lipstick. But I also discovered my boyfriend stole it when he had dry lips last week and now apparently …

Life // My Social Media Detox

I’m obsessed with my phone. There, I said it. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, BlogLovin – you name it, I’m refreshing it. I commute around 3 hours a day to and from work and I either stare out of the window or refresh my phone during my journey. In the evening, once I’ve caught up with my boyfriend and cooked dinner, I have one eye on the TV and the other seeing if I’m missing anything on any of the many apps on my phone.      I used to spend my evenings reading magazines. Like, religiously. Every Tuesday on magazine day I’d take a trip to the shop on my way home from work and buy that weeks’ edition of Heat, Closer, New and Now. Despite them all pretty much saying the same thing, I read them regardless and I loved it. But, for whatever reason, I stopped buying weeklies, choosing to save reading time for the monthly mags, Glamour and Cosmo and reading blogs took precedence. I actually love reading blogs and it’s one of my …

Food // Beef Lasagne 

So I have a little confession to make…prior to this weekend I had never made a lasagne before. I know, for a girl who loves cooking I had strayed away. I love my mums lasagne and my boyfriends aunties lasagne that I didn’t think I could do it justice.  But on Sunday I fancied giving it a go. So I stocked up on the ingredients, googled a few different recipes and set about making my first ever lasagne…         So what did I use? Beef mince – we try to use less than 10% fat Red onion Red pepper Mushrooms Courgette Spinach  Carrots  Lasagne sheets Passata  Creamy lasagne sauce Red wine Salt / pepper / garlic / mixed herbs to season I cooked up the veggies and meat in a large frying pan. Then I layered the sauce with the pasta sheets and the white sauce. Top with your favourite kinda cheese and bake in the oven for 30 mins!     

Fashion // Lace Up Flats

Earlier this year I placed myself on a shopping ban so I could attempt to make a dent in my savings account. But as we reached the Easter weekend I couldn’t resist a trip to the shops.   My mum wanted to have a look in Marks and Spencer and amongst the sales racks I found these babies.  Part of the Limited Edition collection, they’re nude suede low heel lace ups. So basically, just the kind of shoes I’m looking for to wear this summer. They’ll look so nice with skinny jeans and dresses. And best of all, they were reduced from £45 to £11! So the moral of the story is, always nip in Marksies with your mum!