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Pescetarian Food Diary – Week 1

I’ve never been a huge meat eater but last weekend over the bank hol I decided to go pescatarian. To find out why, read this post.

So, how have I found it?

Quite alright tbh. The key was preparation. On bank holiday Monday I went to Aldi and planned my meals for the week. I’ve eaten out and faced the ‘can’t be bothered to cook, what do I eat dilemma’ and it’s been ok.

I stocked up on courgettes to make courgette spaghetti, sugar snap peas, sweet potatoes, avocados, sweet peppers and feta cheese.

Breakfasts have stayed the same, shredded wheat with milk. Although on Sunday I opted for muesli and spelt bread with peanut butter and fruit.

Lunches are really easy as my work has a veggie-friendly salad bar so I can pile my plate with salad and I added a can of tuna and an avocado for protein.

At the weekend I decided to have a pita with hummus, sweet peppers and feta. So tasty and full of flavour.

Courgetti was a huge hit. I had it earlier in the week with pesto on a bed of spinach and pea shoots. And then again with fresh pasta in a pesto and cream cheese sauce.

Noodles in a peanut butter sauce has been one of my favourite meals for a while so I had this with the rest of the spinach salad bag.

So far, so good. Stay tuned for a couple of my favourite recipes. See you again in week 2!

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