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September’s Challenge: Turning Pescetarian

The first of September marks a new month, the end of summer and the welcome return of autumn. This year I’ve set myself a couple of new challenges and thought, why should this month be any different?

Having never ran before, I completed by first ever 5k for the Race for Life and I re-joined the gym too. This year I’ve really started to think about my health and mainly my weight. Having never really thought about it before, I mean I considered a full bottle of wine accompanying a batch of homemade sweet potato wedges on a Friday night in the perfect balance. And whilst I aint giving up on the wine anytime soon, I wanted to discover new recipes.

I’ve really enjoyed trying new ingredients, discovering new recipes and expanding my cooking knowledge. Which leads us back to this month’s challenge – turning pescetarian.

I don’t eat that much meat anyway and I often go for the veggie options on the menu. But, I also want to get into fish and seafood a bit more. We all have that one type of food that we wished we liked don’t we? So I’ll be following a pescatarian diet for the next month, which basically means I’m a vegetarian who eats seafood and fish.

I plan to do a weekly round-up of my favourite meals and maybe a daily meals post too. I’m loving the foodie direction this blog has gone lately and it allows me the freedom to show you guys what I’m up to and how I make it work, despite a full-time job and a lengthy commute each day.

We don’t all have the time to #prep and #eatclean all the day long, but I want to show it can be done, despite spending my day sat at my desk and having a life too!

So, stay tuned over the next month and let’s see how I do with September’s challenge!


  1. I usually aim to eat meat free as much as possible during the week. I love fish and there’s so many recipes to make, from fish pie to fish based thai red curries. Looking forward to seeing what you make 🙂

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