Month: Aug 2015

Recipe: Stuffed Mushrooms

Sometimes I’m in the mood to cool, sometimes I can’t be bothered and there are the odd few days when I know I need to eat healthily. And this is my fail-safe recipe.  Yummy, loads of flavour and kinda on the healthy side, stuffed mushrooms are a winner in my book. So what do you need? It’s dead easy. Take a packet of large open top mushrooms. Full with whatever you fancy. Tonight I fancied garlic cream cheese and cherry toms, which will roast in the oven.     Or you could fry some bacon and top with cheese. Or throw in some onion for good measure.  Pop in the oven for 15-20 minutes. And serve.  Delicious, fuss-free and you’ll feel like you’ve treated your body to a little bit of goodness afterwards! 

Loving your own life

Sometimes it’s so easy to lose perspective. To get dragged done by the day-to-day stuff you’ve got to do, to take a step back and appreciate what you have. As much as I lust after the latest designer handbag, gorgeous nail varnish colours and basically the entirety of my ASOS Saved page, they aren’t necessary the things that make us grateful. It’s the little things that do that. A phone call with the friend you haven’t spoken to in ages, visting grandparents, getting positive feedback at work. Those are the things that put a smile on my face.  Be in love with your own life. I get to visit nice places, have weekends away, go out to dinner, get dressed up for a night with friends, curl up in my duvet watching Netflix ( Sons of Anarchy at the minute, holy Chicago, it’s amazing/intense/so fucking good), going getting my hair did. Just a handful of things I do on the daily/weekly/monthly.  So, yeah, it’s not egotistical to enjoy how you spend your free time. In …

Travel // London Calling 

So, I’ve been absent from this blog for a couple of weeks due to ya know, life but I’m back a brand new post! On Saturday my mum and I ventured down to London for the day. We picked the perfect day as the weather hit 30 degrees – great for discovering Camden, Borough Market and a quick trip to Oxford Street! Anyway, enough gabbing for this post….I’ll let the pictures do the taking!                

Travel // A weekend in Windermere

The last weekend was spent enjoying the sunshine, great food, drink and company in the Lake District. After a stressful couple of weeks, a break away from home was very much needed. And it seems the Rum Doodle b&b slap bang in between Bowness and Windermere was the perfect location.    A cute bed and breakfast complete with a winning breakfast menu, super comfy bed and lovely staff, we were ideally located to explore! The weather was on our side and we took full advantage of our beautiful surroundings by enjoying a walk around Grasmere and up Loughrigg Fell. Followed by a refreshing pint of local cider once we were back at the bottom.    And back to the food. Oh the food. We ate out both Friday and Saturday in a pub and restaurant respectively. Again, if just can’t be faulted. Delicious, cooked to order. When you get great weather, enjoy amazing food and your loved ones company, you can’t help but thoroughly enjoy your weekend. Relaxing in the surroundings and taking a break …

Living the (Instagram) dream

The pink, the nude, the glossy Instagram filter placed on the September issue of Cosmo. I’m a weekday stereo type.  20-something girl comes from from work, considers a trip to the gym, attempts to spiralize courgette before considering putting a pizza in the oven instead. Before she knows it, it’s 10 to 9 and there’s still the arduous task of drying her hair before bed. Cos, we all know the average working woman needs 8 hours sleep to function. Nope I definitely won’t be scrolling twitter, Instagram and Facebook on repeat for an hour. Nope, absolutely not.  So yeah, I’m up to the nail painting stage. You? 

Tomboy – what’s the male equivelant? 

Tomboy. It’s a phrase that gets widely used and one that’s accepted when referring to young girls who prefer to wear dungarees to dresses. But what happens when the roles are reversed? Little boys, aged 10 and under who want to imitate their mother, carry her handbag or wear lipstick. When these events occur, the child is considered gay yet he’s only doing the opposite of a tomboy. When a little girl is considered a tomboy she isn’t name called, it’s acceptable. It’s praised that the child can truly be herself, but why don’t we have a male equivelant?  This opinion was sparked from a conversation at work about one of the girls daughters who openly asked if she’s a tomboy. To which her mother replied, yes. Without any worry or doubt over the use of the term. Yet we don’t have a male equivelant, which is sad and such a shane. I don’t know what the answer is or the outcome but it makes for an interesting debate, don’t you think? 

Getting fit 

I’ve blogged previously about my attempts to get fitter, eat healthier and generally live a happier life. So a couple of weeks ago I took the next step and signed up to my local gym. They’re currently offering an 8 week membership for just over £40, including classes. I’ve been a member before, over a year ago, and I really enjoyed taking advantage of the classes and using the equipment in the ladies only room. I’m feeling so much better, slightly fitter and I’m enjoying the Pilates class that’s ran every Monday night. Will I keep it up after the 8 weeks is up?  I’m not sure, but I am enjoying varied work outs and working my way through the class timetable. Watch this space I guess….