Month: Jul 2015

Making time to relax

Life lately has been rather hectic and taking the time to relax and reflect has taken a backseat. So with this in mind, I’ve decided to re-educate myself in the art of fully chilling out. July is nearly up and it’s another month that’s left me thinking, where has the time gone?! Evenings are taken up putting my freshly renewed gym membership to good use, trying classes such as Pilates and a dreaded bootcamp for the first time.  So, with an evening spare, a stack of unread magazines piling and a bursting new posts BlogLovin, I’m sat down, pjs on and a bounty in hand.  Candles lit to chill out and my favourite Essie nail varnish ready to paint my much-neglected nails.  How do you prefer to relax after a busy week and find some much-needed me time? 

Nail varnish obsession 

So, I got an addiction. I’m gonna put it out there…I hate naked nails, on myself might I add. Some girls rock it well but I just hate the look of my hands when they’re nail varnish free. And so because of this weird habit, my collection keeps growing.  As I’ve got older I tend to go for nudes, reds and pinks. But every now and again a pastel or bold green joins the party! What colours/brands are you loving?

July’s make up bag buys 

This weekend I was at a loose end with a rare 2 days with absolutely no plans. After a trip to the hairdressers and a much-needed toning down of my beach blonde locks, I decided to go shopping. Now I’m trying not to buy clothes so I went with the next best thing – make up! Two of the items in the post were on my shopping list – primer and an eyebrow pencil. As we’re a week before payday I decided to go cheap and cheerful. My mum got me onto Primarks eyebrow pencils after she picked a cheap one up to try. This one is just the right colour for me and at £2 it won’t break the bank. My brows last all day from 7am till I take my face off at 7pm without any missing brow going astray! V on fleek! Next up was a new primer. Mine ran out about a week ago and I’ve felt the difference just wearing foundation straight on my skin. Again I wanted a cheap …

A week in Instagram posts 

This week I blogged about my favourite new blue nail varnishes  I upped my stationary game and joined the pineapple craze with a cute blogger mail parcel arrived from Minted I headed back into the kitchen and made a yummy batch of veggie chilli with a hearty side of avocado on the side. Cos I mean, why wouldn’t you? Oh, those lace up Missguided sandals came back in stock. You know the ones… And now they’re mine! A Friday night selfie during a meal and lots (I mean lots) of drinks with the girls And a quick snapshot from Saturday’s date night meal. Seriously amazing. And the reason I’m considering going for a run…. I might make this a weekly post so stay tuned for more Sunday updates!

Deeper shade of blue 

 Blue nail varnish used to be a staple in my collection but as I got older I swayed towards reds, pink and nudes leaving the bolder pastels behind.  But after the latest My Little Box beauty box arrived, blues are back and one of my firm favourites.  The deeper blue arrived in the beauty box and I just love it’s vibrancy. Perfect for summer days.  And while I was doing my version of Supermarket Sweep in Boots last weekend I spied this soft eggshell blue beauty from Barry M.  Back when I was at uni, some 5 years ago I think I had the entire Barry M nail varnish collection. And I can confirm this pot on wonder is just as good as I remember. Easy to apply and has seriously impressive lasting power.  What nail varnish brands are you loving? 

The one where I ran the Race for Life

A couple of Sundays ago I pulled on my running trainers, attached my number to my chest, grabbed my bum bag and gave the 5k Race for Life a go.       After 6 weeks of steady training, I think I might have just managed to transform myself from a complete non-runner to someone who can jog for around 3k. A small feat to some but huge for me.  Running is such a great form of exercise as it’s free, there’s no competition and you can go at your own pace.  Once I commited to the Race for Life I knew I had to give it a serious go. Before I started, I did zero exercise. Like none.  So to complete the race on the day in 43 minutes 45 seconds is something I’m seriously proud of!  The atmosphere on the day was amazing and as it was for such an amazing cause, I’m so glad  I took part. I’m trying to keep at it and I can’t wait to take part again next year! 

Travel // A whistlestop tour of York

Last weekend, the boy and I hopped a train from Liverpool Lime Steet to York to spend 2 nights in the quite frankly beautiful city. We arrived late on Friday so complete with m&s gin and tonics we made our way to York Central Travelodge. A quick outfit change later we walked into the centre to find a nice bar for a few cocktails. Saturday morning we were woke by streaming sunshine through the curtains and blue skies. The York Central travelodge was the perfect base. Waking distance from the river and the city centre, it was everything we needed. And a comfy bed and beautiful view from the room will make anybody smile! After a quick pit stop at Bills for brunch, we started our day. We wanted to make the most of our trip so we pre-booked tickets to the York dungeon. It was so much fun and a great way to spend an hour. I would really reccomend a visit. We spent the afternoon getting lost down the winding streets, ohh and …

5 days, 5 healthy meal ideas 

Since the start of the year I’ve been following the Slimming World plan, on and off. It works well for me as I don’t feel restricted and can still enjoy naughty meals such as curries and chilli without the added badness. After a couple of months over my birthday where I’ve massively indulged, I’m back on track and really enjoying planning meals from scratch and finding new ingredients to try. So, give myself a push and keep healthy eaters motivated, I thought I’d share 5 of my much-loved weekly meals, that don’t take forever to make. First up is chilli with boiled rice and avocado. I love avocado. I must eat it daily and love trying to incorporate it into new meals. I often make quorn chilli as it’s a nice change from mince meat. Next up is my weekend treat – chicken kebabs without any naughty sysn sneaked onto the side. Marinated chicken, avocado, feta cheese and a wholemeal pitta. Delicious, right? I tend to make this on a Friday night when I’m craving …