Month: Apr 2015

The unspoken pressure to be a dress size smaller 

After watching Plus Size Wars on telly last night, part of me has been left wondering, who am I dieting for? Watching a handful of my favourite bloggers speak so passionately, honestly and truthfully about weight and dress size, it’s left me doubting myself.  I’m nearly 27 years old and I’m a shapely size 14. The only way to hit the magical 10 would be a life overhaul. But I quite like eating out, wine and crisps too much to bother with that malarkey.  So it’s time to accept the dress size. Yes lately I’ve started to follow the mantra, eat less move more. But as it isn’t really an issue and I quite like my wardrobe of pretty clothes, we need to stop being so hard on ourselves.  Go for that run, eat that salad but make sure you enjoy it, rather than because you feel like you should.  So with that as soon as my train arrives, it’s homeward bound. And I do plan to go for a run. To the shop to …

Why I’ve decided to Race for Life 

About a month ago I decided it’s the time to start looking after myself and that meant one thing – exercise. At the start of the year I overhauled my diet so upping my fitness levels was the next issue to tackle. Now I’m not a runner. At all. Despite for the bus or occasionally, the last time I ran was at school. Over 10 years ago. So on Easter Monday I pulled on a pair of old gym leggings, invested in new running shoes, from Aldi no less and fully commited to the Cancer Research UK race for life. Il be taking part on the 14th June.  Cancer Research is such a worthy cause, affecting many of us at one time or another and I’m so excited to be involved. It’s a 5k and I’ve set myself a personal goal to beat. Training has been going well, running around twice a week so far and I’ve banked a couple of 2k run/jogs and a 3k once. As I want to keep it up after …

The route to happiness

Ok, yes the title of this post makes it sound like I know it all. But bare with me. Currently I’m sat in my garden, enjoying a lovely burst of sunshine. Sunnies are on and James Bay is singing away to me on Spotfy. This is just one of those moments that I’m thankful for. Using my holidays from work to simply take some me-time.     On Monday night, my boyriend and I went to watch Ben Howard at the Echo Arena. He was amazing. Simply put. His voice was outstanding and the band were so tight, delivering each note, sound, tone effortlessly. These are the moments that make me truly happy. I’ve always loved going to gigs and having decided to retire myself from the festival season, well apart from a maybe day trip to ParkLife as Ben is playing, I’m enjoying artists own tours rather than packing loads of artists into a day. Live music, an overpriced pint of now warm, cider in my hand and friends, loved ones by my side, is truly great. …

The latest must-have scents

When it comes to my favourite ladies perfumes, I tend to chop and change between high-end and celebrity fragrances. Normally I don’t really choose my perfume, having received the majority of my bottles as gifts from my boyfriend and Mum. So, as I haven’t had a say in the scent, I hint (quite heavily!) towards floral, honey toned perfumes, rather than musk-smells. So when the Library of Fragrance got in touch to see if I would like to review the Baby Powder and Thunderstorm handbag-sized fragrances I jumped at the chance. I’m forever thinking I should pop smaller bottles of perfume in my bag to use at work. I have a spritz before I leave the house at half 7 each morning, but then that’s it for the day. So, these two smaller bottles are perfect to use on the go and I can reach for them after lunch for a quick top-up! Both smell so realistic. Baby powder is quite light and sweet, whilst Thunderstorm is fresh – it reminds me a huge rain storm when …

Soap and Glory favourites

Since the sunshine began to make a welcome appearance on the weekend, I’ve started to turn my attention to my head to toe skincare routine. For the last 18 months I’ve been a cleanse, tone, moisturise girl and love lathering myself in moisturiser after a shower, but with dresses weather (fingers crossed!) around the corner, now’s the time to make it mandatory. Soap and Glory are my longtime skincare favourites. Righteous butter is my number one but recently I’ve been branching out a little and these four little beauties are getting my skin prepped for the Summer months. This small perfectly proportioned tun of hand cream, buttercream and body scrubs are topping my list. They smell wonderful, leave me feeling clean whilst making my skin as soft as a babies – just what I wanted! I want to broaden my horizons and try the Soap and Glory make up range. I’ve read so many other blogger’s reviews of the mascara and brow pencils, next time I’m in Boots I shall have a goosey gander!

Healthier lifestyle

It’s been a while since I blogged about my plight to live a healthier lifestyle, so I thought Bank Holiday Monday is a good a time as any for an update. To be honest, I fell off the wagon. In spectacular fashion. So two weeks ago I began to reign it back in. Following SW without the added extras and I can report from this very morning, those seven pesky pounds are nearly gone. That said I loved the Easter roast yesterday, the dinner and drinks with my nearest and dearest on Saturday night and the two Easter eggs sat looking at me on my dressing table will be demolished very  soon, but I’m back on the ‘all in consideration’ way of thinking. This morning I took myself out for my first ever run outside, instead of on the treadmill. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad. I might have actually enjoyed it! So the plan is to eat less and move more. They say it’s that simple, so let’s put it in practise!

Reasons to be thankful 

After a manic few weeks I’m thoroughly loving the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. I’m spending it with my nearest and dearest and taking time out allows for reflection.     Lately I’m loving fresh flowers, light nights, time spent with my boy, evenings spent with my friends (normally with a bottle of rose on the go too) and days out with my Mum.  Four months into the year and so far so good. Next week includes a trip to see Ben Howard, Foo Fighters next month for my birthday and a week off work with the boy and my bestie and her little girl. Perfect!  So for now I’ll continue with a smile on my face and a stash of Easter eggs to work my way through!