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Fast and filling lunchbox essentials

When you’re trying to eat well and steer away from temptation, it is best to pack yourself up a lunchbox packed with yummy treats to look forward to.Whether that’s whipping up leftovers from the night before, rustling up a salad or a tasty back of homemade soup – keeping on the straight and narrow can be simple if you do it right.

If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail so I tend to prep my packed lunch the night before. Soups are great as they are really easy to make, cheap thanks to Aldi and Lidl who sell an array of veggies at a quarter of the price of larger supermarkets. Last week I made a pot of mushroom soup which lasted three meals and this week I am enjoying butternut squash soup.

Slimming World Lunchbox Ideas

Now, I’m a savoury girl all the way. Crisps, dips, snacky bits  I love them.But Aldi seem to have this niche covered thanks to their yummy, yet healthy snacks at the tills. Quinoa crisp breads, vegetable crisps and mixed fruits and nuts. I think I will do another post on these snacks later in the week as they are so worth shouting about.

But, keeping temptation at bay is made simple thanks to filling lunches with a yogurt or a handful of crisp breads topped with hummus on the side. Salads, soups and wraps don’t have to be boring.Top with an array of salad ingredients or marinade your own chicken to enjoy a posh lunchtime picnic that can be popped into your tupperware, ready for the next day!

It really is that simple.

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