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Cooking with coconut oil

In-keeping with my last few foodie related posts, I decided to blog a little more about my new holy grail essential in the kitchen – the groovy food company organic virgin coconut oil.

The Groovy Food Company

I had been thinking for a while about investing in a pot of the good stuff but I just didn’t realise the full potential of its magical prowess…until now that is.

I tend to use it when I’m frying or sauteing my food. Chicken, veggies, tuna steak, sweet potato – you name it and it just works. Without leaving a coconuty taste either, which I was kind of expecting. I told you I’m sold.

I used it to fry a home marinated chicken breast earlier this week and it was just so good. I accompanied my chicken with a few leaves of iceberg lettice and one of those rice bags – perfect.

the groovy food company coconut oil

Homemade marinated chicken

Marinated chicken, rice and salad

Now, what else can I use it with?!

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