Month: Feb 2014

A weekend spent in the Lake District

Every now and again its lovely to get away and do  something a little different at the weekend and this weekend just gone, I did exactly that. One of  my oldest friends Katrina is due to get married in April and her hen do was held at Eskdale in The Lakes. Her sister had arranged the weekend and we made the trip up on Friday to Irton Hall. It was lovely and the perfect base for the weekend with a large open plan kitchen and dining table for 10, open wood burning fire, pool table and restaurant and bar next door. I really recommend the hall to anyone for a special occasion and looking for something a bit different. On Saturday we woke to blue skies and sunshine so I couldn’t resist taking a couple of snaps, so here is a snapshot of how I spent my weekend! </a

My (first) week on Instagram

So last weekend I went over to the dark side in the phone world and upgraded to join the iPhone gang. This does mean I can take full advantage if having a good camera and fully embrace Instagram. So expect more posts like this one from here on in! 1. GIRLS- My favourite show right now although Hannah slightly annoying this season. Just me? 2. The Hicks at The Tudor in Wigan 3. Pizza with 3 of my friends on Wednesday, so so good 4. First ever Instagram #selfie

Tick tock biological clock

Recently I have become more conscious than ever of the mental list of ‘things women must do’ before they leave their 20’s behind and join the 30’s club. Why is is that a women’s worth is measured by a baby and a ring on her left hand? Since when did career, travel and personal goals, those that don’t include a man or woman, edge further down the every growing list of demands from the woman, who wants it all? Let me side-track for a moment and try to redeem myself before I begin to sounds like a Carrie Bradshaw wannabe and I use the line, ‘I gots to thinking’- however I do feel she has a part to play in this. This may read as the ramblings of a single woman, who on the flip side of 25 is still trying to figure out what to do with her life, and yes to a point I can’t argue that, but it baffles me how women such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lawrence, are celebrated as being …

A quick hello….

Recently I’ve sat down so many times, gone to blog and ended up staring at the blank screen. Sometimes you just don’t know what to write about, even when so much is going on around you and weekends pass by in a blur, the blog posts don’t come.  I think one of the reasons why I haven’t blog recently is because I’ve fallen out of love with it a little bit and in all honesty, feel a little bit silly. There’s something so indulgent about writing a blog, passing comment on your life, gigs you go to and stuff you want to buy off of the internet, but having blogged for 4 years this June and read blogs for much longer,  I think I’m having a lul and for the first time ever… I don’t have anything to say. The number of blogs I read on a daily basis has dramatically gone down and I’m starting to stray away with my favourites which is sad. But I love to write, I really do and maybe …