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Holiday Postcards: Sydney on a shoestring

Two years ago a couple of my best friends from University made a brave decision to undertake a trip of a lifetime and head of to see the world. However, travelling had never been on my agenda so the idea wasn’t my cup of tea, but not long after they had gone itchy feet syndrome occurred and a friend and I decided to book flights to Sydney for 2 weeks to take a whistle-stop trip of one of the Worlds most loved cities. Bet you’re wondering how we managed to see and take in Sydney in 12 and a half days (time difference!)? Well, we did, so get a brew and a biscuit and read more to find out just how we got on!

On the 7th May 2012 after 3 planes and a 28 hour long journey to the other side of the world, we landed in a rainy Sydney airport. Typical! We were soon reunited with our friends who had flown from Melbourne to Sydney that morning, so after an emotional reunion at 8am in the morning, we made our way to the first hostel of our trip in Kings Cross. Luckily once we had got our bearings, the sun soon changing his mind, put its hat on and we set off to explore.

First stop was Darling Harbour. Surrounded by skyscrapers and huge buildings, you feel so small, but I suppose that’s the nature of large cities. So much buzz, different people and those going about their day, its nice to stop sometimes and people watch. Whilst in the city we embraced the open top Sightseeing bus and used this and the train to weave our way round the different corners of the city.

Taking full advantage of the bus we hit the top stops early on in our trip. We then decided to escape the city and visit the famous beach itself- Bondi Beach. I totally get the hype surrounding Bondi, however like most who have visited Oz, I’m sure you would agree Manly has an edge over Bondi.




During our two weeks we really wanted to make the most of the city and embrace Australia, so we hired a car, booked a couple of nights in different hostels and headed up to the Blue Mountains. They offered such a stark contrast to the city and during the climb on the drive up, you really felt you were leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind. Just breathtaking right?




The next part of  our trip saw us continue further up the coast and head to the Hunter Valley for a little wine tasting. This was also where I saw my first ever Kangaroo in the wild, however those perky ‘Roo’s are rather fast at the old jumping malarkey so I didn’t get the chance to take a picture, damn!

The final part of our trip saw us head back down to the City to take a day trip to the Sydney Zoo, which was fantastic. You really get a great view of the Bridge and Opera House from the boat trip across the Harbour.





There we have it, after two amazing weeks it was time to bid farewell to my friends and board a plane back to Blighty. Hopefully I’ll be back one day.

This post is my entry to the Money Supermarket Travel Postcard competition. If you’ve been Down Under and blogged about it, send me your links- I would love to see what you thought of Sydney!


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