Month: Dec 2012

Yearly Round-Up

I don’t know about you guys but I can’t believe Christmas is over and the New Year is right around the corner. The build-up seemed to last for such a long time this year, with the shops starting super-early and the decorations going up at the start of the month and then the 25th passed us by oh so quickly. Well, there were the traditions that sit firmly in each household and in ours it is the littel things that make Crimbo. With both my brother and I sitting on the other side of our teens, Christmas is all about a good lie-in, a magazine for me in my stocking (this is a necessity!) and the fry-up we consume at around 11am-ish. But, with the day having passed us by, we are now turning to the New Year with Facebook status’ appearing making plans and giving thanks to the past year and I have to admit I look back on 2012 fondly.

Has the Towie dream ended?

So, last night saw the return of TOWIE to our screens and the much-anticipated comeback of Mark Wright. The show seemed to fall in two parts- some brilliant, some not so brilliant. The return of Mark and his reunited friendship with Arg took us back to the begining and it was the Essex we fell in love with three years ago. I can’t get on board with #marg as I truly believe this was only coined towards the begining of the end prior to Mark leaving the show so to me it’s Mark and Arg. Must we hashtag everything?!

Real life V Reality

James Arthur was victorious last weekend taking The X Factor crown with a 54% majority vote over runner-up Jahmene Douglas but our Twitter feed was soley focused on the drama un-folding regarding third place finalist, Chris Maloney. Since he was booted out the competition during Saturday’s show, he appears to have taken the news quite badly and suffered from a reality tv breakdown on his twitter feed. The drama started to unravel on Sunday afternoon with reports coming through from Manchester that Maloney had turned up to the studio drunk after partying in the city the previous night.

Xmas treats for Mum@Next

When it comes to present buying for my mum I often find she is the hardest to please. Not because she’s picky but because shes a supermarket shopper ie when doing the weekly food shop in Asda she will chuck a new dress in the trolley or pick up a new coat, so when I buy for her I want to treat her to something she will get a lot of use out of and to something she wouldn’ normally treat herself too. So, when I made the dreaded trip to town in search of the ‘perfect’ gift, Next was my one-stop shop. With a fantastic choice of scents, knitwear and handbags I knew I would find something that she would love, still be very much ‘on-trend’ whilst being suitable for my mums age group, the 50+. This Alpaca Mix Stitch jumper dress is a gorgeous shape and fit as I think she could dress this up with tights and boots whilst the cowl neckline is a great way to still keep warm with a …

Is the Essex dream over?

It’s been a while since we last caught up with the TOWIE lot but the car crash that took place last Monday and an Essexmas special planned in for the next couple of weeks, are we ready to see the back of the Essx lot? It’s been two years since we were first introduced to the Essex lot and with Mark Wright, Amy Childs and Lauren Goodger flying the nest, are you like me and getting bored of seeing the same ‘story’ each week? In the past 12 months we have witnessed round 2354783 of the Arg and Gemma show, Lucy and Mario’s  on-off relationship and Sam and Joey threatening to split and then get engaged during a 50 minute show! When Towie hit our screens it was fresh, a new kind of reality show and one we wanted to watch. We have spin-off’s from Wales with The Valley and the short-lived Desperate Scousewives. Are we getting bored and want someing new? The X Factor final last night reportedly received the lowest viewing figures even though James Arthur took the …

The Ultimate LBD

Well we are officially into the first week of December and party season is well and truly upon us with works do’s, nights with the girlies and family parties a go-go and finding the perfect dress to wear can be such a ‘mare. I’m such a dresses girl and love to dress up and feel fantastic. One thing I do hate though is after you’ve trawled the high street, you look and more importantly feel your best and then you walk into a party to see someone wearing the same dress as you. Not cool. I recently discovered and they have a gorgeous 17 piece capsule collection of dresses this Winter designed by fashion students at Salford University. Being a North-West gal born and bred, when I read about this I thought it was such a fantastic idea. Brand are really connecting with the customer lately through social networking and blogger outreach so using design students is a fantastic touch. I know brands have worked with fashion students before, namely Asos and River Island, …

Let’s think slim

Like most women I worry about my weight. Some days alot, others it doesn’t even cross my mind but when I’m squeezing myself into a new dress I am definately praying to mu inner slim girl that we get in it and look great. Back in July I decided enough was enough and joined a gym, Something I dreaded doing but over the past 6 months I have really enjoyed it. My gym is just down my road and there is a ladies-only room which makes it so much easier to go. I tried classes but clocked on very quickly that it wasn’t for me so the treadmill and exercise bike quickly became my friend. Doing 20 minutes on each I really enjoy it and look forward to my trip to the gym. With Christmas now only an advent calendar count-down away and party season underway, I am going through a determind streak so thought I would put this in writing to spur me on! Oh and having Ryan Gosling waiting would defo make me smash any marathon!