Month: Jun 2012

Will it be all Wright on the night?!

So, Sunday saw the second episode of Mark Wrights ‘fun-filled’ documentary-style show, Mark Wrights Hollywood Nights. I think it is safe to say, anyone who tuned in for the first episode and then came back for the second would agree its crap. Mark and 4 of his best friends (minus Arj, which really bugs me as a massive TOWIE fan) on a 5 week adventure in LA. Now, Mark tells us, the viewer, that some scenes have been created for entertainment purposes only and that his friends have no idea they are being stitched up. To say the show comes across as fake is an understatement. That is one of the reasons we love TOWIE so much, but it seems Wright has took the format, ran with it and done a botched job. The best bit in my eyes was the arrival of the girls who make up the ‘cast’. Appaz one girl is a mutual friend. I would say more actress who made friends with a very nice casting director who took a shine to her. …

The Dress.

Now, we all know how it is. As a girl you can picture in your head that ‘perfect dress’. And then off you go, shopping, looking every store on the high street and it doesn’t exist. BECAUSE its in our heads! My current want, not need, always want, is a stunning fitted floral print knee length sundress. This dress is particular does exist. Well, did. It was in Marks and Spencer either last summer or the summer before and featured in all the mags. Did I consider buying it? Yes. Did I ACTUALLY buy it? No. And now, that is the dress I want to wear this weekend.  God, I have actually just google-imaged it. Guess what? There it is, with Amy Childs wearing it last summer and this little sneak peak of it.  And now, I’m searching online for a replica. Why can’t shopping just be made easy?!  

Belated Post…Soz

So, it seems I have majorly disowned my blog lately, my bad. So, what has happened since my last post on May 1st. Well, quite a bit actually.  First was The Holiday. You know, that major trip to the other side of the world to see two of my favourites. Oz really was amazing, kinda like everyone makes out to be. But better, if that’s even possible. 2 weeks spent in Sydney was very productive, well with the odd drink thrown in here or there… A week was spent in the city, exploring and doing the usual touristy bits. Then we hired a car and the road trip began. A night in the Blue Mountains, 4 nights up the coast with a day trip to the Hunter Valley wine-tasting, so yeah an excuse to get hammered! Then the remainder of our last week was spent living in Bondi. I totes get why so many brits go backpacking and off on adventure to aus, although I do feel like we pretty much nailed Sydney in the two weeks, so I doubt I …