Year: 2011

End ot term report

Its that time of year again when you’ve done the big day- the fat mans been, you’ve eaten way too much in such a short space of time and you’ve had your yearly dosage of relatives to see you straight though to next winter. NYE is heading towards us and I normally get a wee bit reflective around this time-I blame the contstant supply of alcohol personally! Around 6 months ago I made a statement in work that has been mocked I don’t know how many times, by people who wernt even present at the time but I truly mean it and stand by it wholeheartedly- this has been my best year ever. For real. Been given a permenant position in a job that I don’t hate, hell I actually quite enjoy it but let’s keep that on the down-low. My best friend got married and is now pregnant with a little girl to join our girly gang. A trip to Berlin for the hen do which was amazing, and Glastonbury and Download were both …

Last minute sally……

So 12 months ago to the day I found out on a dready tuesday evening at around 10 past 6 in Home Bargains at work in scummy skem I found out I had at long last passed my journalism degree ūüôā If anyone actually reads my blog then last summer you would have seen my mini-breakdown when I failed two modules. Not gonna lie, me and university didn’t always go hand in hand. Lie in’s, nights out and skivving were my rules or thumb but after a couple of months of graft it worked out and the degree was mine! The past 12 months have been very un-expected. Never envisioned I would be in the job I’m in. Some *all my my work pals* may slate the job but I truly enjoy what I’m doing and its defo opened my eyes to what routes I can go down in the future! Hand on heart I believe if I had got the degree in June as I was supposed to I don’t know where I would …

Reality Bites

Since I use my blog as a diary from time to time to assess and fathom out what’s going on in my life in the min I feel its time for an update and a reality check! So, after a mini-heatwave at the beginning of this month and having the hottest 1st October since the 80’s, it seems the cold is setting in. The wind and rain has truly decended on the North-West today. Winter coat on, digging out my hat, scalves and gloves for tomorrow’s treck to work! My two uni girlies have been travelling for a month and 6 days now having visited the US, Fiji (massively jel) and now in New Zealand. The next big event is hallows eve- rocky horror theme with the bestie ūüôā Been in the job at Matalan for 7 months now and still loving it. Who knows how long I’m gonna be a CS girlie for but I’m really enjoying life at the min ūüôā Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

Gotta fight for this love…..

Its all about Girls Aloud at the min. My favourite girl band are still causing a scene and kicking up some feathers of late. With Simon Cowell’s interview with Piers Morgan stating Chezza looked¬†bewildered at the US X Factor auditions, she seems to be getting over the ‘ordeal’ pretty well! Since Mrs C started using her twitter account she¬†¬†proves she really does ”call the shots”. Oh to use a cheesy pun! On Sunday Cheryl tweeted a pic of her with the girls, well minus Nadine (nuff said about that one eh) and I for one cannot wait for the 10 year GA reunion next year! ¬† ¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬† ¬† Now we just Nadine to shimmy her very skinny ass over from the land of the skinny and we may have a reunion on our hands- fingers crossed!

Perk of the job!

So, last week I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen few at Matalan head office invited along from the launch of a new range- Falmer Heritage. We’ve always had Falmer garments within the company but lately the brand has had a facelift and is known under Falmer Heritage. Lots of chunky knits, denim essentials and checked shirts. Perfect for the winter months. It was a great introduction to the brand and has a young feel about it since we have lots of new buyers and designers working for the company. Plus free donuts are always a winner! Here’s a few pieces that count my own and I plan to purchase once staff discount comes through!! ¬†¬†

Beyonce baby in tow…..

When I heard the news last Monday that Beyonce and Jay Z are expecting like the rest of the world I was so pleased. After reading an interview with Piers Morgan and I heard she is to have conceived at Glastonbury I knew that she and Jay Z are in-debited to Worthy Farm for ever more. They are one of my favourite celebrity couples.            I watched a documentary about Jay Z and his beginnings about three years ago on BBC2 one Sunday night. It was about hoe he got started an his background. He was interviewed about his relationship and showed back stage footage from his gigs including his appearance at Glastobury in 2008. So happy, proud of her hubby-stunning.                 

September Issue

Thursday 1st September. Two of my uni besties have flown away today on their 7 month-long travelling adventure. After planning it for what feels like a life time and a send off on¬†Saturday, the day arrrived. Their countdown began in the 2nd year of uni, 3 years ago. Time has flown. To mark their very brave actions I thought I would do ¬†a little one of my own- close my overdraft. After living in it for the best part of two years I have finally managed to pay it off. I’m rid of the o.d and rid of my student account. I feel like I’m growing up!

Library Girl

I’ve always loved reading. Ever since I was little I always have my nose in a magazine, newspaper, book, leaflet I get handed on the street, the back of a¬†cereal box….you name it. Magazines are bought weekly. Every Tuesday after work I get my copy of Heat, More, Closer, New and Look is subscription. I have Glamour drop through the door and Cosmo and Company are bought respectively. Oh and Fabuous, now on a Sat though. Books were my first love though. Enid Blyton, Famous Five and the¬†Adventurous¬†Four is where it all began. Passed down from my mum and aunties to me. The smell of old books and the musty pages- one of my absolute favourites. Every year on holiday I go armed with about four books and the intention of reading them all in the space of week-easily¬†done I feel. ¬†Until recently I¬†hadn’t¬†read properly since last September so I have forced myself to get back into it. The following four have been my recent reads- ¬† ¬† ¬† Diaries of an Internet Lover- Dawn …

All you need is a smile

The past six months it seems everything has come together. Job that I adore, stress- free lifestyle and amazing memories made. Feeling quite reflective despite it only being July. This time last year its safe to say life didn’t look so rosy. The four pictures below seem to sum it all up for me. Lets have the next six months! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† ¬†¬†

On a sunny afternoon

So, my bestie is wed, download festival is ticked off my to do list and the mighty glasto kicks off tomorrow! Having a date with Beyonce and 100,000 others next sunday has defo been worth the wait! My wellies are dusted down, dug out my mac and fleece, and the standard new sunnies (just in case or shade my eyes from rain) and a shiny new granny trolley has been purchased to carry my alcohol allowance. Now take me to worthy farm already! Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

One year itch

Sunday 22nd May. I turn 23 in 5 days. I could be out of my job on the same day. Officially been out of university, out of education for one whole year now. So far so good. My current job of a temporary 10 week basis ends on friday. To this day I don’t know if I’m being kept on. I have a feeling I am. My supervisor has the same said ‘feeling’. But who runs their life on a ‘feeling’? Seems I’m gonna have to. Loving the job, loving the money. A hiccup has usually happened along the way by now. Is this what growing up feels like? I’m at the age now where I get refered to, by young children as the woman or the lady. A look of outrage usually crosses my face, wait you mean me?! But I’m not a woman, surely I’m still a girl?! Oh god I sound like a britney lyric. Maybe this is what it feels like to be a grown up. Jeeeeeez. Actually I think I …

Royal Wedding? No thanks.

Berlin is in 8 days and I am far too excited. The sun has his hat on at the moment, sunnies are out and beer gardens are full again. Fingers crossed the weather is like this over on the german side. Another major plus to this being right around the corner, the Royal Wedding. Luckily I will be out of the country for said event, and I cannot wait. I don’t know whether its just me, but I don’t care. Not a massive fan of Kate or Wills. Don’t see Kate as a fashion icon as every magazine you seem to open this week does either. No Heat magazine, I don’t want to steal Kate’s style and I guess neither do most of your readers. I have to say this does shock me a little. I read every celeb magazine every tuesday¬†religiously, know the whereabouts of Mark and Lauren, Katy and Russell and Khloe and Lemar, (mainly through the joys of twitter) love every aspect of celebrity intrusion, whether it be ITV2 or E!, but …

Last minute sally

First blog in a wee while from me. Not had much to tell the blogging world, until now that is. If any of you follow me on twitter I’m sure you will have seen the odd post or two over the past week about a change of career of late. Yep the day has arrived, tomorrow I start a new job. Scary. I actually have to grow up and have an opportunity to kick start (potentially!) my career and become an adult. Retail will still be my port of call but office based. Ooooh indeed. Personally, I think the best part about all of the change is my new work wardrobe! So, this week I need to re-activate my brain, which has been null and void over the past 10months or so and learn all about the weird and wonderful world of administration and customer services. Exciting. So, with my outfit picked, nails freshly painted and packed lunch made I am all ready to take the next step! Wish me luck, defo think I’m gonna …

Belated Blog Post

Just having a mooch through my photos and what-not and re-organising my blog, when I realised something. From June till December, I spoke about my balls-up of a degree and my impending graduation, yet when the big day did arrive on the 1st December last year, it passed by ever so quickly and no pictures to document the joyous occasion, (for the mother and grandad naturally) appeared! Wednesday 1st December was my big day. We were slap bang in the middle of the snow season that came towards the end of November so of course the day was a tad over-shadowed by the weather, and with that, the real biggie? What to wear or in my mothers case, how to make her outfit more season-friendly. In the end, I thought to hell with it and went with the bog-standard. Pencil skirt, cream lace top and, biker boots. I know, I know, but to argue my case, they are very me! The day passed over quite quickly, all in a mad rush of photo’s, realising that …

Standard Sunday

Another 10 jobs applied for, more work experience enquired about, email accounts updated and junk mail deleted. Visited the grandad, nipped in Primark and walked out with a new leather shearling jacket and a beauty of a summer-dress, (despite the current downpour), and safe to say the mother and I are massive costco converts after a daytrip yests. Wistful daydreaming on Topshop and River Island, and given in and downloaded Gaga’s new song. My weekend in a nutshell, just one thing left to do. Decided I must post a much belated blog post, but what about? My ever so boring day so far? My much needed catch-up-on-odd-jobs Sunday? ¬†Think In just covered that don’t you? Ahh yes, the fact that its the V day tomorrow and one shall be spending it in work, single, surrounded my women,¬†albeit the majority of those are also either a member of my club or constantly slagging off their respective other halves? Standard Monday I reckon. There is one small bit of news though that has made me smile this …