Month: Dec 2010

Difference a day makes.

Well as the year draws to an end, thought I should do a round of the events that have shaped 2010 for me. Without a doubt my year is all thanks to my fabulously amazing friends and my mother and aunty and my main man- my, (or grandad to you). My highlights fall down to the three G’s- Glastonbury, Graduation, and the Girlie holiday. Reached my personal highs- just 2 months ago the thought of getting to attend graduation seemed like a pipe dream so to know I have it under my belt is a great feeling, and just hearing my mum and aunty cheer my name as I crossed the stage made it more than worth the wait! Plus getting to share the day with two of the girls who pretty much made my final year bareable was pretty great. Since uni ended though I miss living with my friends and having the freedom to do whatever I want. No responsibilities and every night had the potential to turn into a piss up. …

Lanvin love

Spotted in H+M in Manchester. Officially now a fan of love at first sight. And now, I am aspiring to own designer. I think this high street obsessive could be on the turn! Who knew it would only take a pair of heels, and that comes from a bag lady! Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

Little minx

Minx nails. Don’t the photographer at my graduation today fully appreciated, but I simply didn’t care. Think I’m in love. Oh dear, this could get out of hand. Well at least I will have gorge nails to look at everyday! Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.