Month: Nov 2010

Impending Xmas

So, I am ready to begin to feel Christmassy. So far, I’ve felt like it is far too early but as the days go by and it is exactly one month until xmas eve I suppose I should begin to allow myself to accept the imminent. With the 1st December only days away, and one household already flashing brightly in my street, in time the rest will follow. So, with all this is mind and I am getting into the spirit of all this festive and focussing on my favourite bit of the day. Well, after the food, the wine, the amazing telly, (read Doctor Who special!), and of course the family. Groan. Why yes, the presents! Hopefully I shall be waking on December 25th to find one of these beauties under my tree1 Well, a girl can dream right?  

Naughty but nice

So, of late my favourite beauty must if having painted nails. Whether that be nail art, glitter, transfers that I have recently discovered on Asos or minx which I shall be trying for the first time next week, ahead of my graduation. But my latest love comes from the geniuses that are Barry M. I am such a fan of their nail effects in black, it is indeed on its way to being my latest obsession, and this is why. Now, Nails Inc are also pretty much amazing when it comes to nail art, which I received earlier this year as part of a birthday present of my housemates. Its safe to say I was impressed, Just goes to show you don’t need to have false nails and a boring  french manicure anymore as real nails, in my opinion are much nicer and you can show your personality off abit more. This is a pic from when I had them done at Nails Inc in the Trafford Centre. But, recently I decided to see if my local nail …

Show me ya teeth!

So, tommorow is a biggie. The one I’ve been waiting for, for two months nearly. But I’m ready, prepared. Game face is on. I won’t bore you with the deets but hopefully one month from now I will be a much happier girlie and *fingers crossed* will have formulated some sort of life plan. Until then its all about the short term- rid of the overdraft for good, have some sort of inkling in going in the right direction and carry on serving un-appreciate chavs in the day job. Yes, it really is all about tommorow.