Month: Sep 2010

Style Crush

Now, I know that she’s always been up there rocking the latest looks her way, and an avid follower of fashion, with an amazing handbag collection to boot, but with every episode of  ‘Fearne and’, I fall a little bit deeper for our gal. She comes across as one of the nicest women on telly, quite frankly I’m jealous that she’s best mates with Holly Willabooby, and her recent engagement to bf Jesse James makes me go abit gooey. But what I want more than ever, is a VIP pass to her wardrobe, and Beth Ditto asked the question just last night on Fearne and Beth Ditto, does she dress herself or does she pay a stylist? And Fearne, seeming quite shocked at the very thought that she would pay someone to style her, very freshingly answered, of course she bloody dresses herself! She’s not Cheryl Cole dont’cha know! As the weather takes a turn for the worse, (yes, weather again I get it!), I find myself furously filing through my magazines to find pics …

Latest Purchases.

A little shopping trip on Saturday, during a rare weekend of work culminated in my all new favourite things. Firstly, my new dress. When I think of Desire, I usually think trashy, but during a visit, I stumbled across this beauty. I think styled up with a black studded waist belt, and a pair of boots it could do it a little bit of justice! Secondly, I have wanted a blouse for a while, but haven’t found what I’ve been looking for. Wasn’t all together convinced, so I’m thinking of this as a purchase for the future, as I know in the coming months I will want one and hate everything out there, so all hail New Look for sorting me out! And last, but by no means least, a little trip to Superdrug, curtsey of Barry M, sorted me out with a few new colours to keep my nails sitting pretty before Winter full on arrives!

When did I become someone who talks about the weather so much?!?

So, I haven’t blogged in a while. What’s new? Currently loving Florence Welsh’s performance at the VMA’s. Not loving Gaga. Think the day has come where I have well and truly fell out of love with her. Awaiting the new season’s fashion to hit the shops. Since the cold spirt, that has come out of nowhere has hit, it is making me want new winter boots and a lush new coat, just that little bit sooner. Joined a keep fit class with the mother. Can’t decide if it was a good move or not. It is held in our local church hall, I am the youngest member by about 40 years and doing my lunges to Cliff Richard certainly doesn’t have the same effect on me as it does the rest of the room. Thank God. But my word, do they work you, I had muscles aching the next day that I didn’t even know I had so maybe I should take the hint and hang out with the old girls some more. If I look how …

Good day

Such a good feeling knowing that I’ve just knocked 500 off my overdraft! The new plan is by xmas that bad boy will be a goner and my money will be my own!! Here’s hoping anyway!

England Sucks

Been back in the homeland for all of 3 days now and quite frankly it sucks! The weather was ok to begin with now it looks like Autumn is well and truly on its way round and the whole ‘being back at work’ thing just aint my bag baby. I actually miss the sun, the copious mounts of vodka consumed each night and the dreadful hangovers what one day even prevented me from leaving my bed. Would I do it all over again? Abso-frickin-lutely! Next things to look forward to- Cambridge and the Doctor Who Live Tour- October 9th Plan B at 53 Degrees (and a short but sweet return to Preston)- October 18th After that????