Month: Aug 2010

Club Tropicana, drinks are free…..

So, Tomorrow is ‘Trial Day’ at what could be potential new job. Scary. Day after PA re-sit. Day after that, holiday time! Cannot wait to get the next 3 days over and done with so I can look forward to relaxing by the pool with a Marian Keyes in hand and an extra large vodka in hand! To get over said nerves and anticipate the thought of lying on the beach, under the crazy-hot sun!! And this is to be re-enacted!!! Cannot frickin wait!! Wednesday 26th August, I have never wanted you more!!

Daydream Believer

Today. Job Interview. Scary. Yes, it is was that time of the week again where the dreaded job interviews were taking place. Today it was the turn of an advertising company in Manchester. Wasn’t that nervous, until it started. That’s when it hit me. Shit, I want this job. Thought I did horrendously. It seems having scheduled holidays booked sometimes count against you. My bad. Turns out all was well. One scary phone call later, after a horrid 6 hour wait to find out if I was to be invited back- I am. Fingers crossed for next Monday. Although it has to be said, the one thing that did cheer me up was the gorge new maxi-dress I ordered myself as a lil pick me up, was waiting patiently for me at home. Result.


For people to get back to you about job interviews is the exact same as waiting in the freezing cold on a Winter’s morning for the 395 bus that just apparently decides not show. Frustrating and the reason why I have chewed all my nails off. Arghhh!! Just do the decent thing and email a girl back already. The wait is killing me! In other news, first ever writing job is going swell. Quite exciting for what is to come. And now I have the horrid cast off, I can once again enjoy my Barry M collection. Well when my nails grow back that is. The unknown, it would seem, is a bitch. Until the, back to filling in application forms.

Holiday season

Zante- 17 days. Dreaded PA Resit- 15 days. Shitting a brick constantly for the next 2 weeks. Zante much needed. But today’s job- Decide on holiday clothes. Actual nightmare. Nothing I ever buy matches anything I currently own or have recently bought. Due to next season’s stuff being in the shops already I feel like a mad TK-Maxx obsessive attempting to find DECENT summer attire in the sales. Turns out not so easy. But fear not, Nails Inc will be on hand to sort out my nails for said events and hell I’m considering donning a different fancy dress costume every day whilst away as this will be much easier to find. Plus I then get to go shopping and buy that gorgeous faux-fur gillet ive had my eye on in River Island. Jobs a good un. But until then, my current mantra is revise revise revise. At least its keeping me out of the shops. For now.

Fat fighters are us!

And the health kick started again today (for the millionth time this year) but I’ve sworn to myself this time I will stick at it. The thought of being in a bikini in aproximately 23 days doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence so this is the perfect time for me to get abs that even Jennifer Aniston will be jealous of! As long as no-one decides to dangle a bag of maltesers in my face, fingers crossed I will actually stick to it!