Month: Jul 2010

New wog

And here it is- My new bob. Not rocked the bob since under the age of 10 so its an, interesting, change shall we say. Not fully decided yet but I can only see how it goes judging from friends reaction. Well there goes nothing, my long locks are gone, only to have been replaced by a shoulder skimming cut. Lets see how long it lasts…. Oh and feel free to ignore the maiden in the background. Washing day and all that!

Hair today, gone tomorrow,

Most girls love going to the hairdresses but Im not most girls, I hate it. You spend in between appointments getting your tresses just how you want them, only to go to the salon and have them all chopped off. Now, I’ve had long hair since I can remember. I love it. But every now again I have an urge to be daring and go short. It seems the urge has arrived once again. This time Im even comntemplating a colour change. When you read magazines, there’s always some psychologist who attempts to link a sudden change in appearance to your real life. So its got me thinking, why this sudden need for change? The only answer I can come up with though is very simple. I want to. And its more than overdue. So goodbye long hair. No doubt as soon as I see you on the floor I will want my length back, but for now I’m looking forward to re-creating this. I’m actually quite excited to be re-united with a bottle of peroxide and *fingers crossed* effortless hair …

Thunderbirds are go!

Re-sit dates released, said exam does NOT clash with my much needed holiday, by the time these five weeks have passed over. Which means two things. 1- Revish lockdown starts NOW. Time to get all Mr Motivator on my ass and get this thing done. (Plus I dig his latest fashion accessory, the Bum-bag. Think I may even rock the look myself this summer!) And 2- As I will have a holiday to reward one with the stress at the end of it, it means I can get cash happy in Topshop. Silver lining and all that….

Move over Delia, there’s a new chef in town…

Well, three days into being left home alone with the little brother and housebound, it seems I have discovered a new way of keeping myself entertained. Cooking. Who knew I could actually enjoy being domesticated? Thanks to the help of Jamie, Gordon and my old faithful, Nigella, I seem to have mastered how to make my all-time fave dishes. Who needs to eat out when I have the back catalogue of the indian up the road, stored in my kitchen! Plus if the torrential rain that seems to have descended on the North-West over the past few days doesn’t shift the only way I’ll be making my way to my fave restaurants will be in a dinghy.

What’s the rush?

With every year older I get, the age of those around me popping out babies and desperate to have a ring on THAT finger seems to dramatically lower. When my parents and grandparents were in their late teens, early twenties the done thing was to marry young, settle down and reproduce. And it seems that notion isn’t lost on the youth of today. Amidst government re-calls to raise the age of consent in the UK, and a week-long tailor made Channel 4 series aimed at the active underage demographic let loose up and down the country, it does make me wonder, are any of the teens taking any notice of the message that is being portrayed to them? In my town alone, I think not. The sheer amount of under 21’s pushing prams seems to stagger me somewhat. Here I am, 22 years old, single, no chance of any love life any time soon, and the thought of a baby added to the mix scares the beejesus out of my me, so when did a baby and …

Social Issues- The route of all evil?

Since I made the decision yesterday to delete my Facebook page it seems to have acquired a few mixed responses from my friends- how will we keep in touch and why would I do such a thing? One friend stated that she can’t seem to remember a time before the social networking site was inflicted upon our on-line lives. Sad statistic or what? But one that in ten years will be echoed by the up-coming teens of the world. With social networking now the norm, I feel it’s time for my very own sabbatical from reality to enable myself to get real. My reason? Why do I need to read the same boring updates from the same few each day? Half of my so called ‘friends’ are exactly that from high school and even primary school. The rest acquaintance’s  I have met along the way, added and then never spoken to since. The only friends I do need to stay in touch with text me in a worried state. Was there something wrong? Why would a person delete their online profile for all …

LC- Style at it’s best

Lauren Conrad. Whether it be on The Hills or on the red carpet, she is always papped to perfection. From casual day looks to glammed up evening wear, Lauren manages to nail the transition perfectly. Fashionista’s on both sides of the Atlantic should strive for an inch of Conrad’s style, as no matter what she throws on she manages to look effortlessly cool.

At least my life aint as bad as LiLo’s….

Signed off work for two weeks due to a broken hand. Fabulous. Just what I wanted! Now I’m supporting a lovely purple cast and can no longer do the most menial tasks for myself. But enough of the self-loathing, just as the title as this post outlines, life COULD be alot worse! And this beauty caught my eye this morn! If Dita doesn’t seem to have any body conscience worries and can do one of her infamous striptease act’s then why should I allow a broken bone ruin my day! What a woman!!

Graduate hell

According to a new survey out today on the BBC news website It seems for any graduate to actually succeed in the rat race and be in with a chance of getting a job, a 2.1 degree is required. Now, that worries me slightly. Or does it? When I eventually graduate I should, (being the operative word) be coming out of 16 years of education with a degree at a 2.2 level. Alongside, four A Levels and countless GSCE’s, so why is it with that much education under my belt the Association of Graduate Recruiters deem is necessary for one third of all graduates to not even be in the running? Unfair? Definitely. Sign of the times? Certainly. Here’s hoping that by the time November rolls round and I *fingers crossed* will have a Journalism degree under my belt, some employer somewhere will find it in their heart to offer me job. Maybe this info should be passed onto any unsuspecting first years come September, cos it seems that sometimes your best just isn’t good enough.