Year: 2010

Difference a day makes.

Well as the year draws to an end, thought I should do a round of the events that have shaped 2010 for me. Without a doubt my year is all thanks to my fabulously amazing friends and my mother and aunty and my main man- my, (or grandad to you). My highlights fall down to the three G’s- Glastonbury, Graduation, and the Girlie holiday. Reached my personal highs- just 2 months ago the thought of getting to attend graduation seemed like a pipe dream so to know I have it under my belt is a great feeling, and just hearing my mum and aunty cheer my name as I crossed the stage made it more than worth the wait! Plus getting to share the day with two of the girls who pretty much made my final year bareable was pretty great. Since uni ended though I miss living with my friends and having the freedom to do whatever I want. No responsibilities and every night had the potential to turn into a piss up. …

Lanvin love

Spotted in H+M in Manchester. Officially now a fan of love at first sight. And now, I am aspiring to own designer. I think this high street obsessive could be on the turn! Who knew it would only take a pair of heels, and that comes from a bag lady! Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

Little minx

Minx nails. Don’t the photographer at my graduation today fully appreciated, but I simply didn’t care. Think I’m in love. Oh dear, this could get out of hand. Well at least I will have gorge nails to look at everyday! Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

Impending Xmas

So, I am ready to begin to feel Christmassy. So far, I’ve felt like it is far too early but as the days go by and it is exactly one month until xmas eve I suppose I should begin to allow myself to accept the imminent. With the 1st December only days away, and one household already flashing brightly in my street, in time the rest will follow. So, with all this is mind and I am getting into the spirit of all this festive and focussing on my favourite bit of the day. Well, after the food, the wine, the amazing telly, (read Doctor Who special!), and of course the family. Groan. Why yes, the presents! Hopefully I shall be waking on December 25th to find one of these beauties under my tree1 Well, a girl can dream right?  

Naughty but nice

So, of late my favourite beauty must if having painted nails. Whether that be nail art, glitter, transfers that I have recently discovered on Asos or minx which I shall be trying for the first time next week, ahead of my graduation. But my latest love comes from the geniuses that are Barry M. I am such a fan of their nail effects in black, it is indeed on its way to being my latest obsession, and this is why. Now, Nails Inc are also pretty much amazing when it comes to nail art, which I received earlier this year as part of a birthday present of my housemates. Its safe to say I was impressed, Just goes to show you don’t need to have false nails and a boring  french manicure anymore as real nails, in my opinion are much nicer and you can show your personality off abit more. This is a pic from when I had them done at Nails Inc in the Trafford Centre. But, recently I decided to see if my local nail …

Show me ya teeth!

So, tommorow is a biggie. The one I’ve been waiting for, for two months nearly. But I’m ready, prepared. Game face is on. I won’t bore you with the deets but hopefully one month from now I will be a much happier girlie and *fingers crossed* will have formulated some sort of life plan. Until then its all about the short term- rid of the overdraft for good, have some sort of inkling in going in the right direction and carry on serving un-appreciate chavs in the day job. Yes, it really is all about tommorow.

Weekend down south.

So, this weekend I ventured down south and visited Cambridge and London. As I’m rubbish, and quite frankly petrified by the experience that was the underground and London commuters, I only managed to take about 12 pictures of the event. And there you have it, nine pictures later. The rest are too blury/crap for blogging consupmption. So, what was learnt this weekend? London is scary even for a hardened northerner like myself.  Dr Who Live was immense, if your a fan GO! Sheer brilliance! Oh and the X Factor is filmed over the road from Wembley Arena, like we learnt when attempting to exit the car park, only to be surrounded by hardcore Cheryl fans! Cambridge is an odd night out if you will, clubs and bars tucked down little cobbled roads. In the day it is such a tourist city, (myself included much to the shame of my friend) then at night lots of crazy Cambridge students appear from behind their books and into one of the few clubs in the city, aptly named, The Place, and it …

LDN and CB52!

On route to London and then over to Cambridge for the weekend. The supposed heatwave that has hit the North West doesn’t seem to have shown its face further south than Warrington. My wardrobe choices for the weekend could be a little bit questionable then, to say the least! Will do a proper blog post on my weekend in the south next week. I am curious though, as to whether anyone will understand my accent when I attempt (and most likely fail) to master the underground in around an hour and a half’s time!! Oh and I’m off to see Dr Who live, did I not mention that little detail?! Sci-fi geeks are us!!

My new crush.

Went window shopping and come home with this little beauty. Reduced in the Debenhams’ sale and I wasn’t even looking for new arm candy. Love it when you fall in love unintentionally. Just shows it was meant to be!! *DISCLAIMER- Yes, I took this pic on top of le toilet but only cos it was the perfect height/light to showcase my purchase. Please don’t judge. Thanks.

Style Crush

Now, I know that she’s always been up there rocking the latest looks her way, and an avid follower of fashion, with an amazing handbag collection to boot, but with every episode of  ‘Fearne and’, I fall a little bit deeper for our gal. She comes across as one of the nicest women on telly, quite frankly I’m jealous that she’s best mates with Holly Willabooby, and her recent engagement to bf Jesse James makes me go abit gooey. But what I want more than ever, is a VIP pass to her wardrobe, and Beth Ditto asked the question just last night on Fearne and Beth Ditto, does she dress herself or does she pay a stylist? And Fearne, seeming quite shocked at the very thought that she would pay someone to style her, very freshingly answered, of course she bloody dresses herself! She’s not Cheryl Cole dont’cha know! As the weather takes a turn for the worse, (yes, weather again I get it!), I find myself furously filing through my magazines to find pics …

Latest Purchases.

A little shopping trip on Saturday, during a rare weekend of work culminated in my all new favourite things. Firstly, my new dress. When I think of Desire, I usually think trashy, but during a visit, I stumbled across this beauty. I think styled up with a black studded waist belt, and a pair of boots it could do it a little bit of justice! Secondly, I have wanted a blouse for a while, but haven’t found what I’ve been looking for. Wasn’t all together convinced, so I’m thinking of this as a purchase for the future, as I know in the coming months I will want one and hate everything out there, so all hail New Look for sorting me out! And last, but by no means least, a little trip to Superdrug, curtsey of Barry M, sorted me out with a few new colours to keep my nails sitting pretty before Winter full on arrives!

When did I become someone who talks about the weather so much?!?

So, I haven’t blogged in a while. What’s new? Currently loving Florence Welsh’s performance at the VMA’s. Not loving Gaga. Think the day has come where I have well and truly fell out of love with her. Awaiting the new season’s fashion to hit the shops. Since the cold spirt, that has come out of nowhere has hit, it is making me want new winter boots and a lush new coat, just that little bit sooner. Joined a keep fit class with the mother. Can’t decide if it was a good move or not. It is held in our local church hall, I am the youngest member by about 40 years and doing my lunges to Cliff Richard certainly doesn’t have the same effect on me as it does the rest of the room. Thank God. But my word, do they work you, I had muscles aching the next day that I didn’t even know I had so maybe I should take the hint and hang out with the old girls some more. If I look how …

Good day

Such a good feeling knowing that I’ve just knocked 500 off my overdraft! The new plan is by xmas that bad boy will be a goner and my money will be my own!! Here’s hoping anyway!

England Sucks

Been back in the homeland for all of 3 days now and quite frankly it sucks! The weather was ok to begin with now it looks like Autumn is well and truly on its way round and the whole ‘being back at work’ thing just aint my bag baby. I actually miss the sun, the copious mounts of vodka consumed each night and the dreadful hangovers what one day even prevented me from leaving my bed. Would I do it all over again? Abso-frickin-lutely! Next things to look forward to- Cambridge and the Doctor Who Live Tour- October 9th Plan B at 53 Degrees (and a short but sweet return to Preston)- October 18th After that????